Google pixel is just a springboard to the AI mission will disappear

A Google Pixel is just the AI mission will disappear with the Google Pixel mobile phone Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 30th news, such as Google, the Internet giant to enter the hardware industry is not what strange. Last week, Google launched a Pixel phone, this time, it tried to own their own customers. Before Google launched Nexus smart phone, but the phone’s marketing and manufacturing is responsible for third parties, such as HUAWEI, LG, ASUS, Pixel is not the same, it is entirely created by Google. From the design, development, brand, marketing, are responsible for Google. In fact, the production of mobile phone meager profits, asset intensive industries, Google decided to enter some strange. Some scholars, research, business consultant pointed out earlier, there are many restrictions through the accumulation of physical assets of enterprise marketing, sales entity products, such as Ford, Marriott , FedEx; they called these companies "asset builder". Analysis of the enterprise’s revenue will find the market value is divided into two categories: one from the above "asset builder", there is a "from the network coordinator". The latter to maintain the network, interact with the participants, such as Uber, Alibaba and other enterprises. "The market value of asset builders" than "the network coordinator". Why? Because there is no need to invest in the network coordinator physical infrastructure can grow rapidly, when the Uber to the new city expansion, there is no need to buy a car, because of this, the higher rate of return on investment, faster growth. It is for this reason, although the time of emergence of Android than iOS late, but its market share is over. The hardware giant support (such as Samsung), there are countless APP developers to support (such as Snapchat), a content provider support (such as SONY music, Google Android) become Apple’s replacement. In the past so many years, Google has established the Internet era’s most powerful business model. From the search to the Gmail and then to the map, Google free products, rapid expansion of the user base, improve consumer usage, access to user data, and then sell advertising. Now Google suddenly imitate Samsung, HUAWEI, HTC, in the end is for what reason? Intel’s history in 1995, Intel announced the motherboard manufacturing. The so-called motherboard is a large circuit board, installed in the desktop PC, equivalent to the physical layer of the machine. Since 80s, Intel has focused its resources on the development of microprocessors, leaving the market to Taiwan’s motherboard makers, who have dominated the world, even though the profits are low. At the same time, Intel successfully launched the Pentium processor. Let Intel dismay IBM and Compaq (Compaq) the latest achievements of Intel is not interested in what they are, then the world’s largest manufacturer of PC. At that time, PC manufacturers were busy selling computers, the computer uses the old architecture, which is outdated 80486 processor, with the motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan, they do not want to abandon the old camp. By)相关的主题文章: