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Google’s acquisition of API.AI, why technology giants competing love chat robot? Google (micro-blog) this week, the acquisition of chat robot startups API.AI, to further strengthen the voice recognition technology. Google and Facebook and other recent initiatives that the company will become the next generation of interactive voice and interface. Why Google to buy such a company? API.AI provides tools to help developers develop similar Siri chat chat robot. Human beings have excellent communication skills. For example, if someone says "the girl saw a man with a telescope", then according to the context, we can know that he means the girl saw someone with a telescope, or with a telescope. It is a complex challenge for robots to learn the same skills. Many expressions can have different meanings, and there are many different ways to express the same meaning. The goal of API.AI is to solve the problem. The company provides API (Application Programming Interface) for voice recognition, intention recognition and context management, and developers can also provide a professional knowledge of the field of their own chat robot. Currently, API.AI supports 15 languages, including English, Chinese, French, German and spanish. According to the company’s Web site, API.AI has so far handled more than 3 billion requests for API. Google said that more than 60 thousand developers with API.AI tool set developed products. Google did not disclose the price and terms of the acquisition. According to CrunchBase data, API.AI’s total financing of approximately $8 million 600 thousand. The arrival of the era of Google’s voice of this acquisition, as well as other developments in the industry shows that we interact with the application of the way from the text input and output into a voice exchange. Voice of the era is coming. When we hold something in our hands, when we exercise, when we do not want to see the complex menu, the use of voice and mobile communication will be easier. There is the queen of the Internet, said Marie · (Mary Meeker) also believes that the voice of the era is coming. She points out that speech is the most effective form of computer input". We can say 150 words per minute, and the typing speed is only about 40 words per minute. Through the voice, the computer can better understand our intentions, and thus to predict. We do not have to navigate through the home screen every time, you can get the desired function directly. Wu Enda, Baidu’s chief scientist, said: "with the accuracy of speech recognition increased from 95% to 99%, all of us will often use voice recognition." With Amazon Alexa began to attract the attention of users and developers, voice assistant and voice search is growing rapidly. However, at present, the function of voice interface is very limited. Android system and iOS in the Siri can complete the basic dictation, but the device read out all the output information is also inconvenient. VoIP calls are being developed. In Messenger Facebook 1.相关的主题文章: