Guangdong Mid Autumn Festival travel peak of nearly 20 sections on people in Beijing – blocking way oboni

Guangdong Mid Autumn Festival travel peak of nearly 20 sections on "in blocking way" – the new network in new Guangzhou on 17 September, (Cai Minjie) Guangdong highway 17 ushered in the Mid Autumn Festival travel peak traffic return, deep (Shenzhen) Shantou (head), West Humen bridge, nearly 20 road traffic control or congestion occurs, staged "people in the blocking way". Multi section because traffic is heavy, or nearly 40 cases of accidents occurred. Transportation sector historical data show that in the past most of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday congestion of the 10 highways, there are 6 from Guangdong. The day is a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday (September 15th to 17) at the end of the day, the Guangdong traffic department predicted that by the Mid Autumn Festival travel peak, about 17 18:00, the city into the city to the direction of high speed prone to congestion, mainly concentrated in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. As at 19:30 on the 17, the direction of traffic concentrated in Guangzhou and Shenzhen increased significantly. Guangdong Provincial Communications and transportation archives information management center shows that Hui (state) salt (Tian) Shenzhen section to the direction of the Dutch depression, Guangzhou airport high-speed and high speed road to the direction of the people show a serious congestion". Among them, the high speed of the Humen bridge overpass to the average speed of only 30.33 km Dongguan. Shenzhen traffic police broadcast in the official platform announced that, as at 18:32 on the 17, the tourist attractions of the eastern Dameisha toll station to Shenzhen city traffic. Hui (state) deep (Shenzhen) coastal high-speed westbound Dameisha Toll Station Square car line. Due to the rapid return of traffic, people said, starting from Qingyuan to Guangzhou, weekdays only 1.5 hours, has been running for more than 3 hours. Guangdong province highway traffic group monitoring center, part of the road due to the occurrence of major events, the implementation of road closed, the Canton (state) beads (SEA) east to Guangzhou direction occurred four car rear end; Hui (state) River (source) Shenzhen Expressway to the direction of traffic is large, the slow traffic, the car is still long in counseling. (end)相关的主题文章: