Guy lost contact 10 days when the Internet cafes can not find their own stand unfccc

The guy lost 10 days when the police found the net bar has been unable to stand on their own original title: small cafe 10 days hide "tired" to stand Yangzi Evening News (correspondent reporter Yu Wei Zhao Zongyu Chen Yong) Yangzhou a guy lost to 10 days, the original day "bubble" in the cafe, on the morning of 27 found by police. Eyes are red, dark complexion, listlessness, has not been able to stand on its own. 26, Wang works at a construction site in Yangzhou City, hurried into the Yangzhou Public Security Bureau police station west oil, asked the police to help find the missing 10 days workers xiaolai. Small Lai is a stranger, at the end of September from Shanghai to Yangzhou, a carpenter in a downtown site. 10 days ago, one night, after a small Lai left the dormitory, the workers did not see him, the phone is first off, after opening up and no one answered. Workers call their parents, sister, please contact them, or not contact. His family, workers are very anxious, worried about the accident will happen. Police learned that Xiao Lai addicted to online games, often in the Internet cafes overnight Internet, immediately organized personnel to visit to find. 27 am in the morning, at the end of the last year, a corner of the Internet cafe in the city to find the missing 10 days of small lai. At this time, his eyes red and swollen, body odor, dark complexion, listlessness, has not been able to stand on its own. Due to be found in a timely manner, to the evening, Xiao Lai has no serious problems, was returned to the home of the car workers. Police remind, young people have in Internet cafes playing games online for a long time, resulting in serious physical overdraft, causing sudden death events, people want to play games. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: