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Korean documentary indictment of anti spy agency: "North Korean model" into "spy" – "Confessions" Sohu news documentary stills compared to many difficult to adapt to life in the South "defectors", more than 35 year old Wu pine is relatively rare examples of success. But in 2013, the National Intelligence Service arrested him on charges of spying on North Korea, who had been a member of the Seoul town hall for social welfare. "Reference News" quoted the "New York Times" in 2014 had reported that a South Korean court sentenced to Seoul in October 2014 two counter intelligence officials, the charges are trumped up China government documents to support the filing of a North Korean refugees of espionage. The North Korean refugee is Yu Wu song. Reported that the South Korean national intelligence service is in a major scandal: a secret agent team was charged in December 2012 before the park run, on the Internet malicious slander opponents portsmouth. The front yard long Yuan Shixun (Won Sei-hoon) in the internal affairs of state and later because of sin, and the arrest of Yu Wusong became an action to restore the image of the Korean intelligence agency. According to reports, when Wu Song arrived in South Korea, he told local officials that he was a North Korean, so he could be eligible for citizenship in South Korea, and can be provided by South Korea to provide help. In fact, the 33 year old Yu Wu Song is the fourth generation of overseas Chinese in Korea, he holds China passport, above the name is Liu Jiagang (Liu Jiagang.). Yu Wusong is his Korean name in korea. The national intelligence academy is a North Korean spy charges against him, largely based on the Korean pine sister Liu Yu Wu Jia Li (Liu Jiali, sound) statement on her in 2012 after posing as North Korean refugees into South korea. Intelligence Department said that after Yu Wusong came to South Korea several times secretly went to North Korea, he has been recruited by the national security agency of North Korea as a spy. According to the documentary, Yu Wusong’s sister, she was beaten by intelligence officials accused of perjury, stress his brother, and in the absence of legal representative case, imprisoned in the interrogation center for 179 days. The center is located in southern Seoul, is responsible for the newly arrived South Korean people for the longest 6 months of review, in order to prevent the North Korean spy mixed. However, the Intelligence Service denied allegations that the center used coercion. In the intelligence institute prosecution evidence, about Yu Wusong in 2012 when the DPRK secret photos proved to be in the Chinese shot. The so-called Chinese records of more than 50 yuan to the Korean border immigration documents were also found to be forged. After the matter was brought to light, Yu Wu Song in a Seoul hotel room in an attempt to Dutch act, left in the room to give information institute have paid him compensation, let him forgery. The man who hired the man later tried to commit suicide in his car. Later two per capita were rescued. In the end, the court revoked the espionage allegations against me. 2014, more than Wu Song in an interview with reporters, said: the day before I was a model off the north, the day they turned me into an evil spy.".相关的主题文章: