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Han Zhiku advised the president to the deployment of us tactical nuclear weapons data in Korea: South Korea Qingdao, a South Korean warship moored in the border area. According to Yonhap news April 1st, Beijing, October 14, according to foreign media reported that 14 policy advisory body "President of South Korea’s Democratic Peace unification advisory meeting recently to President Park Geun hye, explore the USFK re deployment of tactical nuclear weapons removed in 1991. Reported that the agency views may reflect the intention of Park Geun hye, so far the government of Park re deployment of tactical nuclear weapons held a negative attitude, the proposal to change the attitude, may be intended to pave the way for us to try to re deploy. On the United States to provide military defense capabilities to enhance the use of deterrence, South Korea recently demonstrated a desire to strengthen the attitude of South Korea’s participation. In the Department of internal USFK standing facilities of tactical nuclear weapons, with the strengthening of "nuclear umbrella" of the core content of the effect to enhance deterrence. South Korea plans to 13 and 19 in Washington held senior military and foreign ministers of defense consultations consultations (2+2, South Korea will negotiate) urged the United States to change the use of enhanced deterrence caused concern. But the analysis suggested that the nuclear weapon free world, the Obama administration estimated that it will not respond to the redeployment of requirements, there are analysts believe that the South Korean government is aimed at the next u.s.. Due to the wartime command of the war in the hands of the United States, South Korea does not have the right to require the use of nuclear weapons in the United States, there are also opposed to participate in the United States to strengthen the containment of views. South Korea’s domestic nuclear theory is on the rise, in September the public opinion survey showed that 58% of respondents in favor of nuclear. For fear of nuclear weapons spread to Japan and Taiwan against its nuclear Park Geun hye, showed us hope to re deploy tactical nuclear weapons stance could also be an attempt to control domestic nuclear theory.相关的主题文章: