Harbin Yan 7 immovable cultural relics were damaged severely damaged vidown

Harbin Yan 7 unmovable cultural relics were damaged severely damaged – event Beijing newspaper Harbin on 31 August, (reporter Zhu Weihua, Zhang Shiying) 30, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting held in Shuangcheng, "the former residence of Liu Yalou and other 7 unmovable cultural relics was 11 responsible person seriously failure events for responsibility. The early morning of June 25th, located in Shuangcheng District of Heilongjiang city in Harbin province at a site in shantytowns 7 unmovable cultural relics were demolished, severely damaged, can not be restored. The 7 Cultural Relics damaged were founding General Liu’s former residence, the Northeast Democratic Coalition frontline command post health site, the Northeast Democratic Coalition frontline command post jingweilian site, the Northeast Democratic United Army independent regiment headquarters site, the Northeast Democratic United Army independent regiment chuishiban site, the Northeast Democratic United Army independent regiment class communication site, Chen Jiayin site shop. These buildings are included in the third national cultural relics census during the relocation of immovable cultural relics. Northeast Democratic coalition which later became the fourth field army". In 1946 the beginning of founding General Liu Northeast Democratic Coalition chief of staff. At that time, "all around" command in Shuangcheng. The headquarters in Shuangcheng for two years, "all around" has the size of the battle, the 22 command. In September 1948, Lin Biao, Luo Ronghuan, Liu Yalou, Tan Zheng led the Northeast field army launched liaoshenzhanyi, the liberation of the whole northeast, for the establishment of the new China immortal feats. And the battle of the decision is located in Harbin Shuangcheng Fourth Army headquarters. Shuangcheng District Sports Bureau Chief Zheng Mengnan said, this 7 unmovable cultural relics with historical relic, in order to avoid demolition work errors before they have notified the Planning Bureau, bureau of housing and buildings do not list issued by the cultural relics in the judicial interpretation and the "cultural relics protection law" know each other, there are immovable cultural relics, these precious cultural relics still suffered demolitions. After the incident, Shuangcheng District Cultural Relics Protection Department blocked the scene for the first time, the establishment of cultural relics protection warning signs and warning lines to prevent damage to the housing component two. Public security organs have been vandalism suspect Moumou arrest. After the interrogation, Moumou account for the Demolition Company responsible person often instigate Moumou, often Moumou after appearing in court, to incite others to destroy the cultural relics of the illegal confessed. The case is currently in the public security organs to supplement the investigation stage, to be added to the end of the investigation, the prosecution by the prosecution, the people’s court in accordance with the law. It is understood that the Shuangcheng District Office levied in violation of the provisions imposed shantytowns in the project, without bidding, signed a demolition agreement with no demolition qualification enterprises, the enterprises will be designated demolition projects. At the same time, to within the scope of the collection of cultural relics, not conscientiously perform their duties on the protection of cultural relics, demolition of ineffective supervision of the enterprise, this makes 7 immovable cultural relics although listing protection still failed to survive". According to a staff member of the Shuangcheng district government, the shanty town project planning, the district government also knows that the existence of these 7 immovable cultural relics. To this end, the local government was in 2015 and 201"相关的主题文章: