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Haze Wai Beijing three, Beijing air quality to maintain severe pollution levels (Figure) – Sohu news on November 5th morning, Beijing thick fog, visibility in some areas less than 200 meters thick fog. At the same time, moderate to severe haze continued. Beijing meteorological observatory on November 4th at 21 PM issued a heavy fog orange warning signal, is expected to be in the morning of November 5th, most of the city visibility is less than 200 meters thick fog, visibility less than 50 meters. Pictured on the evening of November 4th, Beijing was shrouded haze. China News Agency reporter Futian photo China News Agency in Beijing in November 5,   (reporter Yin Li) affected by adverse weather conditions, haze days before returning to Beijing, the official on November 2nd issued a yellow warning of heavy pollution of air. In the haze V since three, the city of Beijing’s air quality is maintained in the severe and more pollution level. 2, affected by adverse weather conditions, Beijing’s air pollution diffusion conditions are poor. Official on the same day at 17 air pollution yellow warning issued. 5 to 17, Beijing in November began the first heavy air pollution warning has lasted for 72 hours. According to the Beijing environmental monitoring center, said the news, Beijing 3 days of air quality reached the level of heavy pollution level of five. 3 days after midnight on the morning of 4, the concentration of PM2.5 decreased, but overall still maintain the level of severe pollution. 4 afternoon, the area of heavy pollution and the level of rising, while the weather conditions are more stable, PM2.5 concentration and a significant climb. 4 pm to 5 am, the air quality in Beijing to maintain the level of pollution and severe. According to the environmental protection department, the pollution process has two major characteristics: one is a strong inversion, vertical diffusion of atmospheric boundary layer is poor; two low height, low pollution layer basically is 600 meters below the pressure in the vertical direction, extrusion is one of the reasons for the rapid growth of PM2.5 concentration. 5 morning, the capital shrouded in fog, visibility less than 100 meters. Affected by the fog, some of the high-speed sections of Beijing to take closed measures. Although the day ushered in the cold air in Beijing, the gradual improvement of the diffusion conditions, but until 16 am, the city’s air quality in most areas remain at the level of severe pollution. 5, 16, Beijing’s air quality on the state of the state chart is displayed as a warning purple. The city’s 35 monitoring sites, in addition to the 1 sites showed data loss, there are 29 sites showed a severe pollution level, the primary pollutants are PM2.5. Data show that in most parts of Beijing PM2.5 real-time concentration of about 200 micrograms per cubic meter. According to forecasts, diffusion conditions 5, 6, although improved, but Beijing will have mild haze, air quality or a slight slip. When the air quality will be significantly improved? Beijing environmental monitoring center, said 7, with the advent of strong cold air, the wind will completely clear haze, the air quality of the capital will also be turned into good. Author: Yin Li相关的主题文章: