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Hebei: Fifth boys fall well rescue rescue workers hospital collapsed – Beijing, Beijing, Baoding, November 10, (Lv Zihao Yu Junliang) 10, Lixian County Hebei city in Baoding Province, 6 year old boy falling 40 meters deep well rescue into the fifth day. 10 pm the same day, participated in the underground rescue volunteers in the shift rose after the well suddenly collapsed, after on-site medical staff after the implementation of the rescue, was rushed to the hospital for further observation and treatment. According to the site of a name insider, the faint volunteers from Lixian County wild Chen junior village. Since last night, the volunteers have three mining wells, after the sudden increase in physical strength suddenly collapsed. After the diagnosis of the medical staff, fainting due to hypoxia. The latest bulletin said that as of 10, 8, has been installed in the sleeve of 6. At present, the construction environment is getting more and more difficult, the cement pipeline is more and more narrow, and found that the cement pipe is damaged, the soil around the well is getting harder and harder. Involved in the rescue of the mining staff appeared symptoms of hypoxia, facing a variety of rescue difficulties. The scene is under the command of the organization of human and material resources to dig down to speed up progress. Faint volunteers were taken to hospital ambulance. Photo by Yu Junliang according to the Lixian County official said, as of November 9, 2016 17, according to incomplete statistics, the rescue site received a total of more than 17 community donations of cash yuan, the community donated food supplies, supplies, drugs totaled more than 10 thousand, 28 tons of diesel mechanical social donation. Provide free excavators, forklifts, dump trucks, bulldozers and other rescue vehicles 165. In November 6th 11, Lixian County Hebei city in Baoding Province in a 6 year old boy Changcun Meng Cong, followed his father into the Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped about 40 meters deep in the well. After the accident, the local government immediately organized rescue. Immediately, the community spontaneously organized charity groups have also joined the rescue. (end)相关的主题文章: