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Henan plans 6123 recruiting civil servants five changes to see Henan province in 2016 the civil service examination announcement is waiting in the release, total recruiting 6123 people. Registration time for November 25th 8 to 17:30 on November 30th. Expert analysis, compared with previous years, this year the province has five major changes in the exam for the candidates to sign up for reference. The financial media reporter Zhang Yifei Zheng reported 6123 jobs Zhaolu scale record of civil servants in Henan Province in 2016 (including the civil service law management unit staff) a total of 6123 recruiting. Among them, 5162 provincial cities, provincial county (city) 343, 249 provincial units, the provincial prison system 169 people, provincial local taxation system, the following 200 people, including the recruitment, public security and procuratorial organs post job recruiting more than 1200 people. Compared with previous years, the scale of recruiting a new record. 2017 graduates examination announcement clearly stipulates: 2017 graduates can participate in the exam, which is in a huge surprise, the majority of graduates graduating. This means that the 2017 graduates can not only participate in the 2017 national civil service exam, but after attending the national civil service exam in 2016 in Henan Province, the civil service exam, obtain more chances of success, to obtain the probability increased significantly. However, in 2017 this year, graduates need to pay attention to, must be in the year before the graduation certificate, degree certificate and other related certificates, otherwise it will affect the admission of the. The registration officer first proposed to lower the threshold test ban the provincial exam, recruiting to further reduce the threshold, first proposed the full-time high school and college graduates obtain technician senior workers, technicians (preliminary technician) (senior technician) occupation qualification, college graduates, respectively by means of recruiting to lower the threshold to the secondary level. In addition, the recruitment of civil servants for the first time clearly prohibited from participating in the exam, since the limitation of serving civil servants to participate in the civil service examination has gradually become a trend in the implementation of the various provinces and cities nationwide. This means that the stability of Henan recruiting civil servants pay more and more attention to civil servants. Online registration, competitive examinations or a new high in 2016 in Henan province unified to take online registration, the provincial registration website for Henan personnel examination network, personnel registration sites around the city to city site. It can be expected that, in 2016, Henan province civil service examination competition will be very fierce, mainly based on the following factors: 1. High fever employment pressure. The number of graduates in the country in 2016 more than 7 million 600 thousand, as the largest population in the province, Henan also bear the heaviest employment pressure. 2. Henan take the test to take the network registration, greatly reducing the threshold for registration, coupled with the second half of the province’s large-scale test only Henan, so this test is bound to cause the national examination of Henan public concern and participation. 3. Henan Province in the year 2016, this is the only time before the recruitment of civil servants, police officers, police recruit examination.相关的主题文章: