Hero League S6 event to raise the congregation to raise the system of 25% revenue into the pool of t misao

"Hero alliance" S6 events to raise public revenue system 25% added to the total prize pool – Sina hero alliance area of the early morning of September 23rd, the game officially released the "fist reform plan" league tournament, one of the most important part is the game props and income will be a world cup bonus hook, which means that 2016 of the global finals the bonus pool will greatly enhance the previous champion team will also get huge bonuses back! In 2012, one of our founders, Brandon · (Beck), Mr. Beck has talked about the five year plan of the League of heroes in the event of the League of Nations (Brandon). His mouth is the future of sports and games, can live quality, to achieve the level of traditional sports, so that players can reach the acme of perfection through their occupation game technology, casting the legendary occupation career in the summoner canyon. This may sound ambitious, but as early as 2012, we know that these milestones are just a small step in the global e-sports industry. The future can be expected, we are working hard. Heroes union events with the future into 2017, we will continue our efforts to build the future of shengjing. Let heroes league players engage in their favorite careers in a rich and long life. At the same time, so that the organization of the League of heroes has a thriving development, under the leadership of the enthusiasm of the group of investors, to shoulder the responsibility and obligation of the long-term prosperity of the sport. In order to achieve this goal, we will share the profit channel events hero alliance with many partners, working with them to develop a new business model, actively expand the division. We hope that these partners will be able to obtain lasting benefits, so that they can get a stable investment in the future, and the success of the event to benefit. We are committed to bringing the League of heroes into such a vision of the future. The core of the success of the league matches the hero to follow the principle of three steps: – fan groups – economic – stability of these three steps in turn. And the world’s 13 division has not reached a mature stage of the same. Some of the more mature areas, such as LPL, LCK, LCS and LCS have the North American European fanbase, are trying to improve their economic advantages. While some other division is still in 2012 Mr Brandon proposed "the development stage". So, let’s take a closer look at the steps. Fans have always been, we all believe that fans support is not only how many people watching a game. The fans jointly supported by their most love team, players, and division, closely together, forming a huge community environment. Whether it is a late game group decisive killing opponents, or global finals on their support team was knocked out, let the deep connection between the fans. We also believe that with the same enthusiasm to share with each other, is the best fan environment. Whether in the stadium, or at home, or with everyone.相关的主题文章: