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High altitude "bomb": area of the same building 3 months off the 7 window (Figure) original title: high altitude "bomb" plot with a floor of 3 months fell 7 18 floor window of a household, the neighbor’s window suspected fall with single bed against the window in October 31st at 9 pm located in Pixian, is the era of Jin Lu wisdom City District, residents ran her mother-in-law is walk in the garden area, after a loud noise, a block from the District 4 buildings falling glass windows, fell on the ground, smashed. This is not the first residential window drop event, in October 29th, 4, a 25 floor window drop from the clouds and almost hit passers-by. The district’s property management also admitted that from August this year to now, three months, the district has a total of 7 Windows fall accident, fortunately, did not hit people. The residential property, said the current construction team is on the small windows of the investigation, and reinforcement. But what happened to the frequent window drop incident, the district Wuguan and developers have not responded. At the moment the window broken behind the child to drop from the clouds "was not my mother-in-law fast, maybe my son now lying in hospital!" The era of wisdom City District 4 building owners Ceng Li, to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter recalled the evening of October 29th thriller scene, still still suffering from the shock. According to Zeng Li told the evening of October 29th, about half past seven, his mother took his son from the 4 unit through the door, suddenly heard a loud noise overhead, looked up, a huge glass window is to the direction of the two head down. The mother-in-law a timely response, pulling grandchildren a stride out of the window bang when sound, falling on the ground behind the son, splashing a glass, son clothes hat, is full of glass shards. This fan almost hit people’s windows, is the 4 floor of the owners of the home Li Bo fall 25. Li Bo recalled that night, his family returned home, in the moment of closing, the living room window suddenly fell. Li Bo hurried downstairs to ask whether wounding, and immediately call the cell phone. That night, the property management side sent people to view, and the reinforcement of the rest of the house a few windows. But to this day, the window is still not falling. "Every night the wind blows in, it’s cold." Li Bo said. However, just two days later, on October 31st, at about 9 in the evening, ran her mother-in-law and witnessed the District of the glass fell again in the 4. "From August this year to yesterday, 4 of our windows, is the seventh fall. Now it’s like taking a chance to walk down 4 of us every day." Zeng Li felt once feel extremely happy at home, but it has now become a thorny road full of unknown fear. Frequent accidents last year in October, 3 months fell 7. Yesterday afternoon, the Chengdu Daily reporter came to the district station in the 4 downstairs looked up at the 18 floor windows, visual suspected fall. In 4, the right downstairs on the ground littered with fragments of glass fragments, Jean mother told reporters: "you see, this is where the window fell last night, these pieces of glass have not come 7相关的主题文章: