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Hilary Trump, who won the battle and the debate? Hilary and Trump met for the first time at a university in New York. On the evening of 26 local time, the United States presidential election candidates from the first round of TV debate, this is the first positive duel with Trump Hilary, for more than an hour of words, who is the winner? How will this debate affect the votes of American voters? Sina international community has a heated discussion. Affirmative: Hilary Chu Zhaogen (Sina better world weekly, Zhejiang University researcher non traditional security research center researcher Trump): lack of preparation, too much faith in his eloquence, Hilary is too fierce offensive! Trump in the data master was stronger than Hilary, but the expression is not simple enough, this is counter poor debate taboo! However, look at the general election, do not use too much of the typical American elite thinking, although the basic situation behind the Hilary control, showing confidence, which is very popular with the American elite. But do not forget that the election there is a serious anti elite, anti establishment sentiment, the general public may be dismissive of Hilary. Tan Daoming (World Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Latin America): Hilary typhoon calm, significantly better than the performance of the former president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Sina). Spring (media) Hilary controlled the debate, the more the more backward to the president of Trump fan". Preliminary feeling Trump solid performance, but Hilary had a stroke above. Chu Yin (Sina world weekly researcher, associate professor of University of International Relations): after early on Trump rough style adaptation, Hilary Trump on tax issues, business ability, sharp attack integrity issues, on tax issues, performance issues are robust. Trump will feel more debate, more good theory of Hilary. Personally think that Hilary slightly superior performance. Zhang Song (reporter Wen Wei Po in the United States): the United States election experts believe that Hilary won the first match. For better, more confident, and according to the. Trump is considered not ready, talking too fast, too anxious, too many words. Yan Shaohua (Ph.D., University of Hong Kong) felt that the debate is not much different, the gap or difference is still evident. This is not a question of preparation, but a question of the difference between a layman and a professional. Only from a professional point of view, Trump like display slight skill before an expert on many issues, evade the crucial point, low depth of debate and level. Of course, the result is another matter, not entirely professionalism can be determined. If the election is a political show, Trump is a star. But in the governance issues, professionalism still more trustworthy and look forward to. Chen Yong (, University of International Relations) is the old driver of the political circle, the debate prevailed, it is normal. To see whether people buy it. Hu Ruoyu (Tsinghua University, PhD): one is familiar with the old routine of politicians, one is the overbearing madcap. The whole down, Hilary seems to be more elegant, more mature and stable, the image is good; Trump did not seize the door of the mail, the issue of corruption and the foundation of the fly相关的主题文章: