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Hohhot three men stealing trapped house Nakakura busy fleeing by dead and another injured – Beijing Beijing in October 25 Hohhot Xinhua (Zhang Linhu Shen Bojun) three men in the residents of the home to steal when found by the landlord, so he will be tied to the window sheets trying to escape, the results of the two falls. 25 days, reporters from Hohhot City Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade was informed that two people dead and another injured falls. It is understood that, at about 10 am on October 23rd, a left with him from the Internet to buy the unlock tool, about the friends of the Internet bar in the recognition of a, Wang eat. After the meal, left a proposal to burglary, the three hit it off and began to search for a target. 15 pm, three people successfully entered the Xingan Road, a district of Hohhot City, the six floor of a residential home, start the implementation of the theft and locked the door after. In the way of theft, the owner returned home, find a thief inside, immediately use the key to lock the door after the alarm. Three people in the room heard the alarm, immediately rushed into the bedroom, took the sheets in the window, down the rope to climb down the left, Wang did not hold directly fell to the ground, Xingmou rushed down the rope climb into the five floor of the residents of the home. After receiving the alarm, Metro police station police brigade police immediately rushed to the scene, promptly dialed 120, and will be hiding in the home of the residents of the five suspects arrested. Currently, the left because of a serious injury to death, Wang is still in hospital for treatment, Xing was detained by the police according to law xing. (end)相关的主题文章: