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How to get out of the sleepy child medication – the government can be more reasonable policy incentives to do more basic work to solve the problem of cohesion. Save the children, speak louder than words. To monitor the effect of the policy and landing, is the relevant government departments share the responsibility. Recently, the media reported a series of disturbing data. According to the Chinese rehabilitation research center statistics, in our country every year about 30000 children due to improper medication in the silent world. Due to the lack of Pediatrics, China’s annual 5 – 14 year old child deaths from preventable and treatable diseases may be as many as 100 thousand. According to statistics, the incidence of adverse drug reactions in children was 12.5%, for adults, the number of newborns up to 24.4%, as high as the adults of the 4 times. Children lack of medicine is an old problem, but did not expect the consequences will be cruel to this point. If a child suffering from the terminally ill, but because of lack of medication or medication errors and lost their lives, is obviously the most difficult to accept. Such an old problem, must cause the attention of all walks of life. Children’s drug research and development is a common dilemma, but there are also some effective response program, it is worth learning from. For example, dynamic pharmaceutical companies lack of R & D for children, the United States issued a special policy to encourage. For the enterprise through clinical trials, marked clearly the use and dosage of children’s medication, will give 6 months of market exclusivity. Relative to adult medication, children’s drug market is small, the profit is not high, this exclusive protection, will allow enterprises to have more enthusiasm for research and development and production. Compared to direct policy subsidies, which can better mobilize market forces to stimulate more supply. Solve the problem of lack of children, can not rely on the government directly, but the government can be more reasonable policy incentives to do more basic work, to solve the problem of cohesion. The development of children’s medicine enterprises lack enthusiasm, also can be said to be a "market failure", from the perspective of the enterprise, the development of children’s medicine cost is not high enough, it can help the government reduce the difficulty and cost of enterprise development? A direction to consider is to provide effective support for basic data. Most of the children’s Hospital in our country is a public hospital, children’s clinical data and adverse drug reactions in children, the relevant government departments should be mastered. If you can build a database, and pharmaceutical companies to open research, it can greatly reduce the cost of enterprise early. Moreover, similar to the basis of the data, not only for the development of drugs to help, but also on the basis of the analysis of large data, the study of the types of problems existing in the use of drugs, reduce drug use caused by the tragedy. In fact, before there are doctors pointed out that because of the lack of specific norms and guidelines of child medication, the doctor in medicine often can only rely on the experience and feeling, when most parents in medicine by hand breaking". Some adverse reactions in children’s medication, not the lack of drugs, but the drug, medication process is not standardized. If there is more scientific standardized medication, it can avoid the tragedy, and also to the development of drugs for children to provide land production相关的主题文章: