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If you are suffering from Ambien addiction it will be helpful if you can find a cost-effective and practical treatment center that could meet your needs. The treatment center should work with you to treat your prescription drug addiction. It will be vital for the medical team to unearth the primary cause of your addiction problems in order to address it. In this way, your therapists can assist you in achieving a lifetime sobriety. Ambien addiction Ambien is a type of sleeping aid and a depressant that is included in Schedule IV of controlled drugs in the country. Patients can buy it in 5 mg up to 10 mg tablets. It is a hypnotic and sedative drug that induces sleep. A person taking ambien may experience the following side effects: • Walking or driving while asleep: It is important to avoid operating heavy equipments while on Ambien to avoid accidents. A person may suddenly fall asleep while operating it. In some cases, a person may wake up in a different place and may not recall how he or she get there in the first place. • Agitation • Altered memory • Ill temper • Jumbled speech • Poor muscle coordination A person addicted to ambien may manifest the following symptoms: • Delusion • Hallucination • Inability to concentrate • Memory loss • Mood swings • Poor reasoning • Sleep disturbance/ sleep walking • Sleeping for very long hours • Strange confidence • Withdrawal pains Ambien withdrawal signs A person experiencing withdrawal form Ambien may experience the following: • Abnormal Sweating • Bad temper • Discomfort • Fatigue • Muscle weakness • Nausea • Panic attack • Seizure • Sleeplessness • Tremors • Upset stomach Prescription drug treatment A person suffering from addiction to ambien should consider seeing a substance abuse counselor who can make a thorough assessment of his or her condition. It will not be beneficial of he or she faces the condition alone. Many addicts fall into the trap of thinking that they can control their addiction. Actually, in most cases, it is the other way around. When the craving for drugs attack, it is almost impossible for a person who has not undergone treatment or counseling to resist the urge. Oftentimes, they go back to drug use in spite of their determination to quit. Seeing a professional substance abuse counselor can help you analyze your situation. If you need a detox treatment or if you can directly go to the treatment center. There are many options available for a prescription drug addict. But, not all options may be suitable for you. It requires the expertise of a skilled substance abuse counselor of sober doctor to help you find the right treatment for you. About the Author: For more information on prescritpion drug treatment visit -a comprehensive listing of Detox facilities , Drug Treatment Centers and AA meetings maintained by Darren King and Dr. Harold Jonas, PhD, LMHC, CAP, ICADC. 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