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HP’s $1 billion 50 million acquisition of Samsung printer business to expand the Asian market, Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, HP announced on Monday, will be $1 billion 50 million acquisition price of Samsung’s printer business. The deal is expected to be completed in the second half of 2017. HP imaging and printing business President Enrique · (Enrique) said that after the completion of the transaction, Samsung’s approximately 6000 employees will join HP Lores. Of the 6000 employees, nearly 2000 are research and development engineers, and the others are sales and support staff, while the rest of the staff are from service and manufacturing jobs such as the. Through this acquisition, HP will greatly expand the print business in the Asian market. At the same time, HP will get Samsung’s laser printing technology and about 6500 patents. HP office printing global general manager Chen Jun (Tuan Tran), said, for HP, in the process of entering the copier market, laser printing technology is very important. Rawls said: for the future development of HP printing business, South Korea will become a very important place." Last week, the Seoul Economic Daily reported that Samsung is considering the sale of printer business. In the printer market, Samsung faces fierce competition from EPSON, Canon and HP. This will be part of the restructuring of Samsung’s business, and the goal of this restructuring is to better focus on the core of smart phones, televisions and memory chip business. 2013, Samsung has said it will focus on enterprise sales of printers and print services. Samsung believes that the prospect of enterprise printing business is better than consumer printing business. Samsung did not disclose how much revenue is currently printing business. Similar to other companies focused on printers, as companies and consumers turn to digital documents, print volume decline, HP’s product demand is also weak. In May this year, IDC’s report shows that in the first quarter of 2016, global printer shipments fell 10.6%, to 23114918 units. HP in the printer market in the first quarter shipments of 8385014 units, down 18.6%, the market share of 36%. Canon ranked second in the market, followed by EPSON, Brother and samsung. After the acquisition of Samsung’s printer business, HP’s competitors will be reduced, while revenue is likely to grow. In November last year, after the spin off HP and HP, HP printer business for 3 consecutive quarters of landslides. In the first 9 months ended July 31st, HP’s print business revenue fell by $13 billion 700 million to $16%. (compile Li Wei) recommended: concern Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi) to get apple iPhone 7 dynamic, the latest information, purchase guide, detailed evaluation, one hand video, interactive live everything. Chat chat point what? Look here.相关的主题文章: