Hubei, a district government low-cost distribution of the purchase of public servants to increase

Hubei, a district government low-cost distribution of the purchase of public servants to increase sales index – Sohu news supplementary agreement on the clear government locked 950 sets of houses, the average price of 3500 yuan. The transfer of information on the purchase of a group of indicators on the website information. Military government in November 10th, Jiangnan construction site empty silence, the project is in a suspended state. 2013, the Yichang municipal government intends to entrust the development of 1770 sets of commercial housing developers targeted for the government to buy the room, after the impact of multiple factors, such as land prices, only to buy one of the sets of 950. Statistics show that the purchase price of the group designated by the government to developers, far lower than the prevailing market price. Military government allocates 950 purchase index inside, take according to the level of purchase, the higher the level, the purchase area can choose more, including the party secretary, mayor, 56 cadres of the higher level of the opening of the special treatment of the two ladder two, surrounded by ventilation "". Nearly 200 people do not lack the housing staff to get the buy room after the index, the fare increase of 50 thousand, ranging from the target to sell out of 100 thousand. Over the past 3 years, the military government group purchase housing caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the folk because of much lower market price, and designated as the housing developers because of "living" on the verge of bankruptcy, real estate almost unfinished. The related experts said that the military to developers designated purchase price, beyond the scope of government functions; public servants reselling group purchase index behavior involves "welfare corruption". "They feel anxious to purchase the development team" Li Aijun said, he learned of the situation, is the military government to find a star home before, has approached several developers, because of the price and other issues not tanlong. The Yichang section of the Yangtze River to Yichang city of Yichang City, the north shore of the Yangtze River is One divides into two., Wujiagang district and Xiling District, dense population and prosperous business, this highest price has exceeded 10000 yuan square meters. And here at the river, is a river south of the military. The average price is about 7000 yuan military area. And everywhere unfinished projects and stalled demolition site, meant that the military is the fringe of Yichang city. Jiangnan is the one of the unfinished military projects. And this year’s star real estate, no one in the military point of view. It is special, Jiangnan is the point of military government group purchase. Jiangnan developers Hubei Yuxing Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "star property"), business information, the company was founded in 2009, the registered capital of 50 million 600 thousand yuan, the legal representative Li Aijun. Li Aijun said, Jiangnan is the first real estate development, and the development of the mind, is the point of military cooperation and development for the government the government group purchase housing. Military government data show that in December 3, 2012, Dianjun district government jointly issued a "on the establishment of the West Chong commercial housing project construction work leading group of the notice", the contents of the display, the district government decided to set up the "West Chong commercial housing project construction work leading group" (hereinafter referred to as the "leading group"), the group mainly responsible for the"相关的主题文章: