Hubei, a team shooting music documentary to the third line construction as the

A Hubei team shooting a music documentary "third line" construction as the background – Beijing, held before the documentary premiere invited "461" once power plant builders, in days Li Yongjun photo Beijing, Wuhan in September 26, (Ma Furong) "in the" third line ", bitter and tired, prepare for the present for defense, heart no hatred and no regrets……" 26, the Music Documentary drunk deep love of the same theme song MV in a number of music sites first. As a "third line" narrative Music Documentary, the theme song expresses the reverence and remembrance of the older generation who took root in mountainous areas and hard work. The construction of the "third line" is the longest and most ambitious industrial system construction in China between 1964 and 1978. At that time, in order to change the "old, little, while the poor backward areas in economy, the older generation of builders to carry the backpack, leave the hometown, dedication to youth and enthusiasm in col poor. "Their historical achievements are worth bearing in mind." The main planners of the documentary and general producer, Wuhan City vice of Dongxihu District Museum librarian Wan Fei said, "461" is drunk deep thick with "third line" construction as the background, with "461" to complete the creation of miniature power plant. Wan Fei, commonly known as the "461" is located in the southwest of Hubei deep in the mountains of Hubei province pine Ping power plant, is the "third line" construction representative. He grew up in pine Ping power plant, witnessed the father’s selflessness and dedication. From the planning to the premiere of the film lasted more than 8 months. Most of the team members is "461" power plant builders of future generations, they Revisited "461" industrial sites, went to Wuhan, Yichang, Jingzhou and other places, for the year to participate in the power plant builders, obtain a large amount of text and image data. In the days before the premiere of the documentary, they are also invited to attend the builders, the memory of time. "We want to tell the world through such a way, the older generation of builders rooted in the mountains, hard work of entrepreneurship, dedication is still reflected in their offspring and heritage." Wan Fei said, this is the most needed in our era, the most precious psychological quality and internal strength, but also to reflect the profound connotation of this documentary." In the same as the 461 power generation of Chen Lan seems to be, in the era of "461" has a certain typicality. In a code annotation space, in the individual memory and the historical narrative is complicated and difficult to deal with when each and every family or individual to true and plain emotions recorded, perhaps also a supplement to history. (end)相关的主题文章: