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Hunan huochong hurt the girl affecting user receive high treatment costs – million in donations cited storm Beijing Beijing in August 25 Changsha Xinhua (reporter Xu Zhixiong) "the child’s health is more important than what, we will not use the child’s injuries to extort money." In the face of the current cost and treatment fee raised money questioned the Far West, little sister’s mother Zhou Qianping (a pseudonym) told reporters on the 25 day. In August 19th, Hunan Qidong County, 4 and a half year old girl baby sister was a 8 year old boy with a blunderbuss hit hundreds of balls hit the chest and abdomen, the situation is very critical. First aid out of more than 20 balls in the local hospital, in the small West sister was transferred to the Central South University of cardiothoracic surgery Xiangya Hospital ward ICU. "At the time of admission, children are dying." Central South University Department of cardiothoracic surgery Xiangya Hospital ward ICU deputy chief physician Lin Guoqiang introduction, after a comprehensive examination, found the little sister, west of face and neck, limbs, skin and soft tissue visible nearly 100 grain size of gunshot wounds, and diagnosing liver injury, gastric bleeding, intestinal perforation, acute pancreatitis, mesenteric injury, acute diffuse hemorrhage peritonitis, traumatic hemopneumothorax, heart injury of thoracic and abdominal multiple injuries. Lin Guoqiang said, through large department consultation, the experts agreed that, despite the small West sister body still remains a lot of ball, but its surface is smooth and no important organ for a little girl and large blood vessels cause direct damage, the future will also bring great influence on her life. Therefore, if you continue to risk surgery to put the ball out of surplus, not only difficult surgery, but also cause some unnecessary trauma on the small West. "According to the relevant treatment regulations, medical staff Xiao Xi sister implement ECG monitoring, ventilator assisted breathing immediately, and protecting stomach, anti infection and promote lung recruitment, protect the heart, liver, gastric acid suppression protects the nutritional support and symptomatic treatment." Lin Guoqiang told reporters, after a few days to treatment effectiveness, sister vital signs small West has leveled off, and the wound has healed scar, spine, limbs and normal activities, has basically reached the standard in general ward. Lin Guoqiang said, then, no surgical indications will be dominated by the small West sister conservative treatment, have been discharged only regularly to point the day and await for it, the future of the hospital can be. Small West sister suffered by some media reports, a few days received donations from all walks of life love about 800000 yuan. At the same time, because the display network platform to raise public fundraising words, small West sister treatment costs about 1000000 yuan, has also brought huge challenge: treatment of birds from all walks of life Chongshang need 1 million? Some netizens even took this hospital charges too black". The reporter learned that, as of the morning of August 25th, the computer display system of Xiangya Hospital, the small West sister treatment costs 15447.9 yuan, and Zhou Qianping said that the outside world needs to spend millions of dollars in costs far. The hospital said that the small West sister at the time of admission because the situation is very bad, a total of two times to pay the cost of 150 thousand yuan, the money is Duotuishaobu, if not run out will be returned to the patient. Zhou Qianping in an interview with Xinhua reporters, choked and said, little sister by the West)相关的主题文章: