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Hyaluronic acid has no side effects, but you know it complications? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: plastic surgeon – high petrel micro-blog) although hyaluronic acid and autologous fat, are present in the human body itself contains a substance, but many of them buy fake hyaluronic acid, excessive filling, improper operation and other doctors are likely to experience a series of reactions, causing serious consequences to. This period is approximately universal hyaluronic acid injections may correspond to some methods and complications, hope that the sisters in the United States at the same time to avoid these mistakes. Pictures from the network of the most common postoperative reaction: redswellingfeverand pain, no matter what kind of material, the expansion injection of any part of these 5 kinds of situations, always appear, the difference is only the degree of severity, duration of the difference. The sensitivity of the symptoms will be relatively obvious, in addition to the level of the injection and the choice of drugs have a great relationship. If the injection process inadvertently punctured small blood vessels, may appear quickly to stab tear as the center of the serious swelling. Solution: if the feeling of redness and pain at the same time, should immediately stop the injection, immediately asked for 10 minutes of ice, and then observe the need to continue to receive injections. These 3 days will subside, that good luck, if the subsequent emergence of bruises, color from red to purple, generally about 7-17 days will be more serious self-examination subsided, external medicine can consult the doctor whether need to use the blood stasis. Embolic: but if there is piebald lesions and petechiae like aggravate, so sorry, your 80% is embolic, you need immediate treatment! So why embolism? Blood vessels and surrounding tissue damage during injection, and high level of injection. So here to call on the United States or not to do, do not do it, please go to a qualified regular hospital injection, do not buy medicine Taobao, do not find a private studio. Experienced doctors are more likely to master the injection level and the ability to handle unexpected situations. Because if you are a regular hyaluronic acid, not satisfied or adverse reactions, can eliminate the lytic enzyme is called. But if not playing or hyaluronic acid. Amazingel, lytic enzyme cannot disappear, only removed, not necessarily get clean. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid molecules cross-linked hyaluronic acid ratio of high purity and low crosslinking or other filler material biocompatibility is swelling reaction to light. This involves an amount of the problem, in the appropriate amount of premise, not excessive filling, can be a good way to avoid the occurrence of the plug. The causes of the emergence of the black eye black eye photograph in the network may be black eye lacrimal groove injection hyaluronic acid is: due to staying up late, eye fatigue, rhinitis caused the lack of red blood cell oxygen eye skin, carbon dioxide in veins and metabolic waste accumulation of excessive, formation of chronic hypoxia, blood is dark and the formation of stagnation, caused by pigmentation. The hyaluronic acid filling the tear trough, due to continuous hyaluronic acid.相关的主题文章: