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"I love my family" joy kept "case of six groups" 15 year reunion – Sohu   entertainment; "case of six groups" for 15 years and then meet the Sohu entertainment news gathering in Beijing in October, "case of six groups" are all creative 15 years together "my" ten a big get-together?! Ding Zhicheng, Wang Qian, Zhang Chao led the team to pass through the joy, cooking show, test investigation, accept the challenges, the audience turned off Guanle! Which two have done criminal police? To experience the life of police involved in the arrest of brilliance., was mistaken in the movie? Crime scene link, they recount, cover up, cool how to pass through? Inventory of six groups of family members of the six "sin": who "sin" lazy? Whose temper "crime" hot? Who "sin" is not reliable? Why does Ding Zhicheng prefer to play the violin with red wine before going to bed? More mystery guest appeared unexpectedly, broke the "six group" family what secret stories? In October 3rd 19:35 BTV the "I love my home" on time when you "re six" "inside", Madden non-stop joy! The 15 year reunion "six group" first knife fight? A strong pass through joy! 15 years ago, a Ministry of public security, the theme of the TV series popular on both sides of the Changjiang River replay rate, record high, well received by the audience, it is a collection of four 136 collective amount of fine drama "case of six groups". On the screen, they are enjoyable firm and unyielding character, off screen? This is not, "I love my home" special invited all the creative gathered in the 98 courtyard, and the audience friends together to celebrate the ten? A, fun police, more to the festival is still fighting in the front line positions of friends expressed sincere admiration. In the play the "case of six groups" duties, Xiwai real police clear division of scene to "my" Ding Zhicheng, Wang Qian, Zhang Chao and other creative must go to a "back office" group and the "field team" contest! The first part of their competition is actually cooking than knife work? The homemade tomato and egg just buried foot bursting point! Zhao Junkai as the "office group" absolute leadership led "case of six groups," screenwriter Wang Qian plays captain Zheng Yimin Zhang Chao, and the "field team" charge into the enemy ranks actor Yang Zhen Ding Zhicheng, actor Wang Ting and Ding Jian Zhou Zhi Bin actor Guo Haolun adopted piecemeal, the witty answer, a seemingly small bowl noodles or Scrabble play guest star they compete each first: some playing some special camouflage, can be cool, there is love from the black…… Audience full of delicious food feast, from time to time to turn adorable! The explosion Mengliao: Police star life experience was so misunderstood! Since the launch of "2001" the first case of six groups, the series won rave reviews, and successive shooting three continuous screen, which are creative with sweat, pain, fatigue, but the "six group" spirit always support their life. Talk about yourself from the initial order to actor Interpol identity, they deeply experience the life of the police, Zhang Chao "accidentally" was once the police propose. The mystery guest said: Zhang Chao followed the police arrest with the brave! After a time he did with Wang Ting and Interpol police dispatched to the North Fourth Ring Road flyover, implement the arrest. Zhang Chao recalls the captain said!相关的主题文章: