In the car to find new network to ferret out a nest thief police cracked lifting car theft – in running man 20130908

In the car to find people to ferret out a nest thief police cracked lifting car theft – Tianjin Beijing North news: Recently, the Public Security Bureau of peace emerging branch Police Station Joint Crime Investigation Detachment successfully destroyed by a special pry smashing car glass theft gangs, arrested 5 suspects, cracked series and many similar cases. At the beginning of September, with the occurrence of theft cases in Heping District police station in emerging, the suspect will break the car on the left side of the glass, so as to implement theft. After receiving the report, and the police set up a task force to carry out detective work. By visiting the site of the masses, retrieval of surveillance video around the scene, police found two suspects men and a suspect vehicle. Subsequently, the police immediately and a string of a zone of peace in three similar thefts. At the same time, careful police through the field of things left over, locked the suspect lee. Police investigators quickly two pronged approach, from the suspect and the suspect vehicle two clues to work. Through the investigation of the suspect vehicle, police found another suspect zhao. Then, through the investigation of Zhao tracking, Shuntengmogua found third suspects Liu Gang gradually surfaced. Through the early observation and tracking, the task force in Beichen district to carry out squatting. In September 20th, the police task force while Lee, Zhao two suspects out of repair as swiftly caught them. Through on-site interrogation, informed the other three suspects are hiding in the Hedong District, Hedong District police arrested immediately went through careful deployment, successfully captured Liu, mengmou and other three suspects. Canon cameras, mobile phones, traffic recorders and other items. At this point, the gang members have been detention law, the case for further proceedings. (North network editor Qu Lulin)相关的主题文章: