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Astrological sky: September 2016 Jupiter enters Libra New Moon in Virgo (Photos) in September 1st the death [] [micro-blog] more rampant blog September 1st: Virgo New Moon Eclipse (> " href=" swe " target=" _blank" > check your natal chart > >) in astrology is a new moon and re to start the day, especially when the new moon eclipse will encounter, and play a more powerful force, the new moon in Virgo and Virgo coincides with the eclipse itself has a replacement, collate and update means that, if you want to put yourself at this stage of life, or rearranging all existing chaos eager to restore order so, this new moon can take hold of your life, make a new choice. But Virgo itself in astrology is a relatively dry place, so in the performance often appear excessive perfectionism, when the moon new moon eclipse and formed here, often may make people in considering the issue, too extreme or excessive carp especially now, mercury is retrograde in Virgo that makes the problem easier to increase, so learn to relax, learn to give yourself the space gap, all in accordance with the plan. Planetary influence strength: assumes to pay attention to the problem: because Virgo itself is related to the six house, this new moon will make more impact in the future work and personal aspects of the public side, some people may at this moment of your choice to intervene during coincides with Mercury retrograde, more likely to rise in emotionally, try not to use words to solve the problem of conflict. Never touch the forbidden zone: to prove that you are right. The greatest influence of the constellation: (referring to the sun and rising signs) cancer, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, pisces. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: