Internet users to the Gansu provincial Party Secretary and governor of the message was answered &nbs roxane hayward

Netizens to Gansu provincial Party Secretary and governor   message has been answered; a total of 13 people — local leaders – timed Sanyun resume of   |  message to the Secretary of the Gansu provincial Party committee Comrade Lin Duo resume   |    message to the governor of Gansu province; Beijing in September 30, (Zhang Zheng) recently, Gansu province in 13 messages to users of the provincial Party Secretary and governor to reply message selected as follows: [Internet message] Dear Secretary Wang Hello: I am Dongxiang county archives a recruiter from the second half of last year, I have not received wages for more than a year, accounting for no money will repeatedly beg as an excuse, I there is no way to urge the leadership to help solve the hope so. Finally, I wish the Secretary of good health and smooth work. Reply: "anonymous" friends: you reflect the problem, city leaders attach great importance to the investigation and handling of instructions by our county, this is to you reply as follows: the investigation is a question about your wages reflect. According to the survey, the second half of 2015 salary was in September 29, 2015 by the signature you receive a full, does not exist the problem of wage arrears of wages; the first half of 2016 the county finance in July 28th allocated (temporary pay every six months once, you currently allocated) I have received. The two is about your scan contract. According to the survey, county archives in order to speed up the process of information management, to carry out the work of scanning input files, so the task, heavy workload, given you for temporary workers, signed the agreement with the scan you, due to shortage of funds, the timely implementation of labor costs to half. In this regard, the county archives has been carried out in full in September 20th. [Internet message] Dear Secretary Wang Hello, I am from Gansu province Yongjing County town village three Yanguoxia car club, a highway from Lanzhou to Yongjing County, both (along the fast track) to build now since the opening of the ten of US households in the village, forty or fifty acres of farmland in the Yellow River on the side of no agricultural way to go, before we went to the farm work have road passable agricultural vehicles now LAN Yong highway repaired on the farm we don’t open agricultural vehicles, so that we can’t get a single, forty or fifty acres of farmland into a wasteland, we repeatedly and Yanguoxia town government – but the town government has pushed whatever so, I can only ask Secretary of adults for us these farmer brother of our agricultural road handling. Reply: "anonymous users" Hello: you received in "local leadership message board" message, the county government attaches great importance to the relevant to your reply as follows: after investigation, LAN permanent of a highway project implementation process, occupy Yanguoxia town car part factory village Yuet sand plant, plant compensation by Lanyong highway project office and Yanguoxia Town Village on Tin Yuet sand factory repeated consultations, no consensus, the sand factory closed via Tin Yuet sand factory farm road, caused about 13.7 acres of arable land is located in the Yellow River road interruption. At present, the salt pot Gap Town is actively coordinating, prompting the two sides reached an agreement on the issue of compensation as soon as possible to solve the problem of agricultural road interruption. [Internet users] I am and political County Chen相关的主题文章: