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Inventory of ten thousand yuan double N possible not to ignore the small property – Sohu financing ten thousand yuan, it is easy to think more than and 20 years ago that the "million households", think that year, a primary school teacher in normal, monthly salary is two hundred or three hundred, ten thousand yuan is equivalent to almost do not eat or drink four years of savings. You can enjoy the small owners in accordance with their existing monthly income to fill the brain, then what is the level of households million. Ten thousand yuan, it seems, may be just a little money, but money is the essence of "not to finance small and not science" and "take time for benefit". How do you take care of these ten thousand, a few years later, you get a different return. When the foundation is relatively small, if you want to get a huge return, then you can choose a high-risk high profit financial management, or to extend the financial time, the only way to maximize revenue. This paper takes 10 years to share. N may be the most lazy choice — the bank demand 10 thousand yuan to double the current interest rate of 0.35 in one year, then ten thousand yuan so whether it is put in the bank, after ten years of 1*1.0035^10=1.03556 million, ten years rose more than 355, ten years of income is 3.55% of the most simple — regular bank current interest rate a period of 1.5 years, then ten thousand yuan in the bank, each store once a year, after ten years of 1*1.015^10=1.1605 million, ten year period rose 1650 yuan, ten annual income is 16.5% if it is a period of three years to 2.75, every three years to save time, nine years after 1* (1+0.0275*3) ^3=1.2684 million, nine years rose 2684 yuan, income is 26.84% of the most robust choice — Treasury debt for three years 4.92, five year bonds 5.32, ten thousand yuan to buy two five year bonds, after ten years 1+1*0.0532*10=15320, revenue 5320, ten annual income is 53.2% above, is to put the money in the bank, basically do not have to worry too much, the biggest advantage is that as long as the bank does not fall, 10 thousand dollars you ten years later, with all can get back. We can see that even the only bank, different ways of storage method, the final revenue will be fifteen times the difference, if your base enlarged, then the income difference between the absolute value can be described. 355 and 5320, have not been intimidated by the feeling? Because of the risk of financial products, financial products, the expected annual yield is not the same, there are many online financial products in recent earnings can query their fiscal honey in the choice of financial products must be clear contract, their products are guaranteed, because the annual revenue is expected, the expected risk is important. It is said again, you remember! Guaranteed financial products annualized revenue in 4.5% should be no problem. Ten years later, 1*1.045^10=1.5529, yield of 5529, minutes to catch up with the national debt? Although the annual yield than the national debt!相关的主题文章: