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Is the second-hand car dealer "or" domestic electric car Sohu – the original link: micro signal: GeekCar this is a (small) and not (learn) complex (students) (Miscellaneous fan) "shopping diary: our peripheral reporter Zhao Xiaoyao students because of a car demand at home, so go to Beijing the largest second-hand car market — Linghai. By the way, he also looked at the use of second-hand electric vehicles in Linghai, the results are not optimistic. This afternoon (one day before the afternoon post), braved the autumn the last bit of prestige, I came to the Linghai old motor vehicle market, experience this second-hand car. After entering the door, I suddenly had an idea: since GeekCar so concerned about electric cars and new energy industry, then I would like to explore the use of new energy vehicles in the used car market. So, with the following information. First of all, I arrived at the front of the car market "exchange". A door feels like a hall of RMB Pumianerlai, what gold Routh, a variety of sports car, the electric car manufacturers are still not in place, it is not the nouveau riche seriously, do not actively fulfill their needs! Of course, in addition to tesla…… Back to the back of the hall, I was found two tesla. According to the sales brother told me that they had a month into the eight Model S P85, has sold five sets out, the remaining three units every day, there are a lot of people to ask, it makes me a little accident. But, after all, Tesla, the level of consumption of second-hand car people, for the relevant services should also be very valued, right? For example, customer service, warranty and even the installation of charging pile, the total can not come up with too much trouble. Otherwise, the same price, regardless of the license issue, why not bad money to choose a nouveau riche 6689 second-hand car? So in addition to Tesla, other new energy vehicles in Linghai and what is the situation? Out of the car sinks, I came to the middle of the regional market, this part mostly sold is not so "Hao" car. Here you can also see a few Tesla by twos and threes, one dealer said, he handled the electric car, in addition to Tesla and BMW I3 I3, but the number is very limited. It is not difficult to understand, after all, in Beijing, I3’s ownership is much lower than tesla. As for domestic brands, in accordance with the layout of Linghai, you have to go inside the market. In the open market, I also expect to see some Beiqi new energy, such as BYD car, because they are in the visibility on the road is not low, there should be no small chance of second-hand car. However, unexpected + disappointment: turn a circle, I didn’t see a domestic new energy vehicles in thousands of car! With questions, I asked a brother of a big brother. He told me that the new energy vehicles in them completely when they receive No one shows any interest in, the car will not be considered for new energy vehicles. Even if it comes, it will certainly be a long time, so it will not buy this car. R相关的主题文章: