Japan through overseas resolution gives the SDF to the rescue guard task-lformat

Japan through overseas resolution gives the SDF to the rescue guard mission in Tokyo in November 15, Xinhua (reporter Yang Ting) 15, the Japanese government through a cabinet resolution, given the participation of southern Sultan peacekeeping troops "to the rescue guard task. This is the new security law in March this year, the first time the government has issued a new task for the new security law to overseas self defense forces to expand. "Rush to the rescue convoy" refers to the participation in overseas peacekeeping operations of the SDF can carry weapons and rescue attacked UN personnel or civilians, including a gun and warning shots when necessary. In addition, Japan’s National Security Council also decided to give overseas SDF another new task "camp common defense", and that his country’s military forces to defend the camp. A new batch of southern Sultan to participate in peacekeeping missions about 350 Japanese troops will be in this month 20 days after departure, and in southern Sultan in December 12th before the team completed the transfer of peacekeeping missions, undertake peacekeeping missions including the two new missions. Thus, the new security law to expand the SDF overseas mission will actually start. Japanese public opinion believes that due to the expansion of the scope of the use of weapons and the local security situation is unstable, the risk of self defense forces involved in the conflict is bound to increase. Last September, the Abe Shinzo administration is forced through the new security bill, the SDF activities range and weapons in the United Nations peacekeeping operations the use scope, including allowing use of weapons to rush to the rescue guard, the end of Japan’s Postwar Policy of "special defense", the Japanese domestic opposition and the concerns of the international community.相关的主题文章: