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The Japanese public security litigation law unconstitutional to stop South Sultan sent the SDF – Beijing, Beijing, October 28, according to Japanese media reports, local time 28 days, about 30 in Japan, Kansai and other places to live in the public security law in violation of the "constitution", violations of the right to life by peace, filed to the Osaka District Court proceedings. People asked to stop the south to send self defense forces in Sultan, the national compensation for 10 thousand yen per person. Reported that the plaintiff is a response to the civil society, the war law unconstitutional lawsuit will call 34 people. The indictment shows that Japan’s security law, in violation of the provisions of the constitution to give up war, ninth, violated the plaintiff’s right to peaceful existence". The indictment also commented: "if the South Sultan dispatch was given" the task of the SDF to the rescue guard ", will cause a higher degree of violation of rights." The indictment also stressed that: "if it goes like this, 70 years after the war, Japan not to use force to intimidate, not to force the principle of peace will be fundamentally subversive situation." Plaintiff attorney said that in order to prevent a step by step toward the use of weapons, but also hope to stop sending self defense forces to the south of Sultan.相关的主题文章: