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Jay Chou Coliseum concerts open 3 games on sale sold out in 45 minutes in January next year at the Jay Chou Coliseum concert in 9 games, but it is still hard to get a vote. Jay Chou Coliseum concerts open 3 games, but the number of tickets available for sale only about 10%, yesterday (September 14th) the first 45 minutes have been sold out. 9:30 yesterday (September 14th), more than 50 people queuing for tickets outside the Tsim Sha Tsui Tom lee. Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 15th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Jay Chou will be in January 8th next year at the Coliseum "Jay Chou surface strongest World Tour – Hongkong station", originally opened in 6, because of the enthusiastic response from 15 January to 17, additional 3 games, totaling 9 games. An additional 3 party reproduction suspected queuing field tickets on sale yesterday, but he had about 10% tickets on sale, the purchase of 4 per person, has been sold out in just 45 minutes. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Tom Lee queuing outside buy fly in front of people, has been unhappy foreigners suspected disbudding, once caused uproar and clamor. Because of Jay Chou’s hard to get a vote, yesterday (September 14th) at 9:30 in the morning, Tom Lee is outside see more than half of people queuing for tickets, queuing the first few locations are foreigners. In front of the foreign lady revealed that 7 o’clock in the morning arrived, said after 6 in the morning, the more exaggerated said a row of seven days, and insisted on not to jump the queue. She said she was very fond of Jay Chou, and this is a boyfriend to pay for the tickets, the night will go with friends. But when she raised some pies to 10, will immediately raise their own to the scene of a Chinese Ji man. The 10 row of several claiming Betty lady have approached theory, she said: "I have lined up at 2 in the morning, originally in front of only two people, but there are people in. I don’t want to be evil, not hate them, I didn’t sleep to queue up to help her daughter buy a ticket. If you can’t buy a ticket, you can buy a scalper? Certainly not!" (Ying Ying)相关的主题文章: