Jia Yueting sent a full letter burn expansion led to capital chain tension g227

Jia Yueting sent a full letter: burn expansion led to capital chain tension yesterday evening, LETV holding CEO Jia Yueting released a full letter, said LETV content in Rainbow Night, while the strategy and performance by leaps and bounds, while increasing capital and organizational stress. As the pace of expansion as the music is too fast, blindly burn pursuit of expansion, led to capital chain tension for obvious weakness, the continued development of the mobile phone business impact. At the same time, Jia Yueting also said he would assume responsibility as a management, with immediate effect will only receive a monthly salary of 1 yuan. As the music in recent years, the rapid development of mobile phones to the TV, from the film to the car, the content of a wide range of coverage and also maintain a certain advantage in the industry, but it also makes music as the capital chain tension is more prominent. The future of the music as the ecological strategy will enter the second stage, to slow down the pace of expansion to do deep through the market, the global strategic expansion will come to an end, the stage of the existing focus of the United States, India, the three major markets. This letter is believed to be full of confidence to restore confidence in the market, the development of music as the future will have great benefits. The following is the full text of the letter: as the music of the sea and the flame: is engulfed by waves or the sea boiled? All music as a person: a reincarnation, a legend; a subversion, a new. November 10th, music as the 12 anniversary. I would like to thank all the music as people, is your efforts and pay, the achievements of today’s music as. The scene of the scene, is forever unforgettable memories; a heavy weight, we work through countless dangers. Now, we are like in Rainbow Night, from subversion forward: one side is the strategy and performance by leaps and bounds, while increasing capital and organizational stress. One side is cold water, while the rising of flame. No company has such an experience, once again in the ice and fire quenching. The ascension of the flame: ecological strategic layout complete LETV pattern is recognized in the past two years, LeEco LETV system and non-listed company system of listed companies opt to show "unstoppable momentum fire": the listed company LETV revenue in the first three quarters of 16 billion 800 million, compared with last year to achieve double growth; its content, and the big screen LETV cloud three business breakthrough: from copyright to homemade, from the cinema to the network, from television to variety, from advertising to membership, LETV has built up the complete contents of ecology and continue to maintain absolute advantage; the super TV ownership will exceed 10 million units, in the high-end market has sold all the competitors take a good. After becoming the undisputed No.1 in the domestic smart TV market, is expected to join Vizio to attack the global industry dominance; as the cloud music as a cloud video platform, the world’s largest, has achieved full open cooperation with global giants and customers. Non-listed company LeEco revenue doubled growth. We use hardware free strategy and tear the traditional hardware industry generally tragic scored high value blood, people not only cultivate the unlimited potential of the pay scale to get the market quickly,,,相关的主题文章: