Jimmy Lin and the women’s volleyball team photo height 172cm he is a little embarrassing (video) yuria

Jimmy Lin and his team photo is 172cm a bit awkward [Abstract] women’s volleyball players average height is 188 cm, 172 cm Jimmy Lin suddenly became so petite, so fans call "God laugh cute", "like China", become the focus of discussion all the unexpected height. Jimmy Lin and the women’s volleyball team photo Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Jimmy Lin in 19 at the Beijing fans carnival night ", not only to the" the girl "Fu Yuanhui partner, and also many sports stars and artists on the same stage, star studded field. He later took a photo with the women’s volleyball players, happy to get "full energy", but was found to be shorter than the height of the players, a group of girls in the middle appears to be a lot of mini! In the photo, Jimmy Lin stood in the middle of the 6 Chinese women’s volleyball players, put a happy refueling gesture: "live in it, full of energy.". Learn the spirit of women’s volleyball team for the dream of Jedi fighting!" However, the average height of women’s volleyball players reached 188 centimeters, making 172 centimeters of Jimmy Lin immediately become petite, but also make fans laugh "male god is lovely", "seems to come to the small country", height unexpected become everyone’s focus of discussion. Jimmy Lin visited Ferrari Slide Show by netizens questioned over the years of frequent negative news

林志颖与女排合影 身高172cm的他就有点尴尬了 [摘要]女排球员平均身高达到188公分,使得172公分的林志颖顿时变得娇小,也令粉丝笑呼“男神好可爱”、“好像来到小人国”,身高意外成为大家的讨论焦点。  林志颖与女排合影  腾讯娱乐讯 据台湾媒体报道,艺人林志颖在19日出席北京“乐迷狂欢夜”,不仅跟“洪荒少女”傅园慧搭档主持,也和许多体育明星、艺人同台,现场星光熠熠。他事后晒出跟女排球员的合照,开心表示获得“能量满满”,却被发现身高比球员们矮一截,在一群女孩子中间竟显得迷你不少!  照片中,林志颖站在6位大陆女排球员中间,摆出开心加油的手势:“身处其中,能量满满。学习女排为梦想绝地拼搏的精神!”不过,女排球员平均身高达到188公分,使得172公分的林志颖顿时变得娇小,也令粉丝笑呼“男神好可爱”、“好像来到小人国”,身高意外成为大家的讨论焦点。 林志颖参观法拉利晒图遭网友质疑 多年来负面新闻频发相关的主题文章: