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JINGWAH times: market regulation, not the pursuit of digital games – View – people.com.cn original title: market regulation is not the pursuit of digital game like the average price statistics of course not professional, is not true, it is more like a digital game. Rely solely on the old control routines, and even play digital games, not only will cause the market illusion, but also may block the space for institutional reform. Media reports, according to data provided by the Suzhou Municipal Housing Authority, Suzhou housing prices have dropped from 22 thousand yuan per square meter in October 2nd to about $13 thousand square meters around 6. Suzhou City Price Bureau 8 also said that after nearly half a month of commercial housing prices, special inspection, housing construction and other departments jointly identified 22 alleged cover plate reluctant sellers, the price tag is not the price tag, the element is not complete, the label content is not updated in a timely manner the issue of illegal housing prices. Within 4 days, the average price of the property market fell by more than 40%, from the introduction of the policy to the market reaction between the lag period did not appear, which seems to indicate that the property market regulation and special rectification action accuracy and effectiveness. But in fact, the interval of 4 days of the property market data statistics trend, does not have statistical significance. For example, if the market price of the sale in October 2nd focused on the 6 day of the opening and hot area, real estate sales concentrated in the popular area, so that the average price of the rapid decline in the natural conclusion. On the contrary, if the first sale is popular area of real estate, it will get the opposite conclusion. In addition, different real estate marketing tools, different intensity, but also enough for such a short period of time the impact of the property market statistics. In fact, the Suzhou housing prices was 4 days in reverse, it is because of the introduction of the new property "frozen" policy under the influence of the volume turned away from the urban district of Wujiang city results from five. While the city five volume although fell sharply, but the price has not dropped. That is to say, a sudden decline in prices in Suzhou, is a remote area prices diluted City five area prices results. Such an average house price statistics, of course, is not professional enough, not real, but more like a digital game. But it can not be denied that digital games are also likely to play a strong role in reversing market expectations. The 4 days average price dropped by more than 40%, enough to cool the market, let the previous sentiment buyers wait-and-see stop, let the property market regulation and the effectiveness of campaigns in the shortest time to fully show. But the problem is that the effect can be sustained? Take digital games to change market expectations, not only the effect of suspicious, and is likely to have the opposite effect. On the one hand, the digital game itself, is reflected in the property market regulation execution is not serious, not serious; on the other hand, the market has reason to believe that, since the statistical data shows that the housing prices fell by more than 40% in 4 days, so that the property market regulation task has been completed, the property market regulation has just started probably will only run in the short term in the future, will relax. This judgment will only increase the resistance rather than reduce regulation. Suzhou dramatic decline in property prices this scene, the warning significance for other cities. During the national day, the National more than and 20 city issued a "limit" of the property market regulation lured)相关的主题文章: