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Kang pharmaceutical questioned the incomplete disclosure of information   Shi Guibao reoccurrence of layoffs storm channel — people.com.cn — public opinion public opinion review of the pharmaceutical industry on August 15th to 21 during the semi annual report of listed companies released, dynamic capital market pharmaceutical companies are focused on. Production of raw medicine of Kang pharmaceutical violation by the regulatory authorities to investigate; and because it is not timely information disclosure has been questioned, the letter Phi inadequate the enterprise credibility damaged. In addition, double pharmaceutical disclosure of the performance report shows the company’s revenue, net profit double down, in nearly 50 homes have been disclosed in the semi annual pharmaceutical companies in the top ranked loss. In August 16th, Bristol Myers Squibb layoffs storm again, foreign pharmaceutical companies in China, the difficult transition by the media attention. A hot topic in the interpretation of the 1 Kang pharmaceutical letter Phi inadequate capital market questioned public opinion management capacity to be upgraded in July 6th, eastmoney.com Kang pharmaceutical shares net friend called "Kang sulbenicillin sodium API illegal production, in June 24th by the State Food and Drug Administration issued a document investigation, all involving drug recall, did not notice, is a serious violation of information disclosure should be punished". Kang pharmaceutical announced on the same day responded that the query was not found in the official website of the relevant departments, relevant Kang pharmaceutical related illegal drug bulletin". August 16th, published by the NetEase financial reports, Kang pharmaceutical questioned not timely disclosure of information, and "still denied in the face of evidence". After the NetEase financial exposure incident, Kang pharmaceutical raw material drug illegal production is the "daily economic news" China business "and other important financial media attention, the negative impact of rapid expansion. First of all, to the enterprise media reports showing "focus on the characteristics of industry chain type, production and sales of sulbenicillin sodium raw material the whole industry chain of the Kang pharmaceutical involved in the closely watched. NetEase finance articles not only exposed the illegal production of Kang pharmaceutical raw materials, no timely disclosure of information, raw materials are also pointed out that illegal drug use downstream manufacturers of Hunan Kang, Kang pharmaceutical also did not disclose relevant information. Secondly, the reaction of investors is one of the focus of media attention. The "daily economic news" reported the focus of investors on the Kang pharmaceutical discontent, think Kang pharmaceutical did not report to investors, and investors to explain the situation, citing the Shanghai myeongryun lawyer Wang Zhibin view that "investors daily information on the company has the right to know". "Chinese business" the article also pointed out that in the interactive platform of many investors questioned on the management of the company in August 17th, Kang pharmaceutical did not reply to quell the heat of public opinion, but further raise questions. Public opinion analysis: information disclosure is insufficient due to the lack of credibility of back story, the real trigger points of Kang pharmaceutical fermentation is the negative public opinion information disclosure. One is suspected of concealing. The media reported that Kang pharmaceutical in the period from May 31, 2016 to June 2nd in the regulatory authorities to accept supervision and inspection was detected over the problem, although Kang pharmaceutical filed the rectification plan, but this did not take the initiative to investors, investors)相关的主题文章: