Keep Your Bird Feeder Squirrel

Pets Many people have been asking whether those Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders really keep those pesky squirrels out of the bird feed. Let"s face it, squirrels are very cute, but you need a BIRD FEEDER that is squirrel proof so you can feed those birds that frequent your yard instead of the squirrels! Squirrels seem to be a big problem for many people who put bird feeders in their backyards and gardens. Squirrels can consume a large amount of expensive bird seeds intended for the beautiful birds that frequent your backyard or garden. They can also gnaw apart and destroy those expensive non squirrel proof bird feeders. Those squirrels are often seen chasing away birds trying to feed. It is really hard to get rid of them once they claim a feeder as their own territory. Squirrel Bird Feeders, manufactured by Duncraft, Droll Yankee, Hertiage Farms, Gardman Wild Bill, and Opus have been reported by costumers to solve their bird feeder squirrel problems. There are many testimonials attesting to these feeders keeping squirrels away from the bird food. These types of bird feeders are built to be strong enough to prevent squirrels from getting in. These feeders for birds use a variety of methods such as barriers, springs, twirling bases, and baffles to discourage those squirrels from feeding on bird seeds. There are even bird feeders that have perches that will collapse when a squirrel try to sit on it, feeders with spinning perches, and wired caged feeders. You will need a feeders that will ac.plish you ultimate goal" feeding birds. For example, the "Squirrel Buster Mini" and the "Brome Squirrel Buster Plus" work like a champ when it .es to preventing squirrels from eating seed and damaging the feeder. These feeders have seed ports that are weighted which means when a small bird perches on the feeder to eat the feeding ports will remain open. When a larger squirrel, tries to eat the bird seed, the seed ports will close preventing the squirrels from getting to the seeds. In addition to purchasing a squirrel proof bird feeder, you should position your bird feeder at least 8 feet away from jumping off points such as a tree, pole, or roof top. It has been reported that squirrels can jump up to eight feet horizontally and six feet vertically. For additional protection you might want to invest into a baffle and place the baffle below the bird feeder. Baffle’s are designed to block squirrels from jumping vertically and climbing toward the bird feeder. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: