King Bhumibhol of Thailand advocated the one village one product project unveiled in Kunming widcomm

Thailand king Bhumibhol advocated by the "one village one product" project of Kunming – Beijing unveiled new network in Kunming in November 15, (Miu Chao Ma Qian) the first 2016 Lancang – Mekong sub Region Countries Commodity Fair opened in Kunming on 15 may. Thailand’s interior ministry has organized 255 companies to participate in the Expo to promote the OTOP products and projects initiated by the late king Bhumibhol of Thailand. Vice Minister of the Ministry of internal affairs of Thailand Sautet? Ben Mark, "one village one product" to the people of Thailand are very significant, "because it is loved by the people of Thailand’s King Bhumibhol and queen Siriki advocated by the project." To this end, the Ministry of the interior of Thailand to develop three strategies to promote the implementation: first, increase the potential and strength of practitioners; secondly, the development of commodity quality and standards; finally, seek to increase market channels. Leading a village of a product practitioners and traders to participate in the Expo is very necessary, in line with the development of a village one product strategy, expand market channels and business docking. Looking for foreign trade partners, rich experience in foreign markets. Practitioners from the other 5 countries along the Mekong River communicate and learn from each other." Ben told reporters Mark Sautet?. He believes that this will also help enhance the impression and reputation of Thailand in the international arena. It is understood that the Expo Thailand interior ministry organized 255 enterprises in Thailand, is for the first time appearance represents the authentic, inheritance, innovation, culture OTOP products in the China market, this is the first time that the Thailand government management, organization of enterprises to foreign exhibitors. It is understood that the first 2016 Lancang Mekong sub regional commodity Expo by China, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Burma, Laos and Thailand to participate in 6 countries. (end)相关的主题文章: