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"King of comedy" He Jie won the highest number of surprises – Finale guest group Sohu He Jie entertainment Poplar Village staged version of "Romeo and Juliet" Sohu of Beijing satellite TV entertainment news by heavy launch China first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competitive king" the ninth phase of the program on the evening of October 29th 20:30 splendid performance. On Saturday night, in the fourth round of the cross-border comedy king in the knockout round, comedy agent Bai Kainan led the cross-border star into the finals of the Zhang Liang. This week ushered in a new cross-border lineup, Aya, Yang Wei, He Jie, Hu Yanbin, Yundi Li five from different areas of cross-border comedy star, formed the "king of comedy" finale crossover star, to seize the last finals tickets firepower. As the final round of qualifying round of the new lineup of cross-border is wonderful to upgrade the tricks. Comedian Xiao Shenyang, the five comedy broker to join a new round of cross-border stars, this weekend for the audience friends to offer a comedy feast. In the end, He Jie won the championship with a combination of musical and comedy. Aya Huang Xiaolei was robbed the sisters Yang Wei "mother and child" the first stage of the teenage smuggling gangs "universal variety Queen" Aya comedy partner agent Huang Xiaolei, composed of the history of the first female cross group ride, two people through the back in cabaret, in order to compete for the "1000 Quebec le door flower" in the title battle. A program beginning, Aya and Huang Xiaolei grace concert "give me a kiss", also played on the stage only the microphone, then it is to give the audience to the scene for welfare, Huang Xiaolei pearl, but emerald bar on the Aya’s "real pig", "green grandmother". The incarnation of Chen Handian Aya’s surprise appearance is undoubtedly the first cross-border adds a bigger surprise, the two sisters had jealousy down feeling in the face of robbery, "sister together" self-help. Olympic champion Yang Wei and agent Liu Hua cooperation for comedy sketch coincidence wrong burden and frequent, after a tornado, the neighbor’s house was reversed, sent Yang Wei mother sent Liu Hua boss toys and weapons was sent to the wrong house. Then mother and traders visit together, an identity disorder Oolong staged between four people, provoked the audience more than hilarious. When Yang Wei first discovered on mother smuggling Gang secret, decided this Oolong gang was caught in the end, Yang Wei, a world champion is not white when the!" It is the harvest of the audience full of applause. He Jie Hu Yanbin "playing" the piano music of Yundi Li and the incarnation of the woods have great originality performance during the show is He Jie Yang Group, recently is preparing for a personal concert in He Jie cross stage stunning bright throat, all the songs fragment into chaos, staged a "down to earth" and "Romeo and Juliet". Two an attic, in order to express their emotion, poplar plays Romeo soulful singing "my Juliet, I love" was He Jie Tucao: "how I listen to the poor life?" Two people decided to elope at home in order to escape Juliet’s mother and brother, Romeo is with sofa is installed portrait!相关的主题文章: