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"Kinmen ancient cultural relics exhibition opened on the 29 jinshies" – Taiwan Channel – guests on both sides jointly cut the ribbon for the exhibition on 30 September, September 29th in the afternoon, the Kinmen County Cultural Bureau, Beijing city of Taiwan compatriots will be hosted by National Cheng Kung University, humanities and Social Sciences Center organized the Kinmen ancient cultural relics exhibition Jinshi "at the opening of the Zhu Xi temple in kinmen. The guests, the China Federation of Taiwan compatriots in Beijing, President Wang Yifu, vice president of Taiwan compatriots Zheng, Beijing Confucian Temple and the imperial museum curator Wu Zhiyou, and Kinmen County members of Parliament Chen Cangjiang, former Taiwan "Cultural Affairs," Chen Yongfeng, director of the University Center for Humanities and Social Sciences successfully together for the opening ceremony of Dai Hua et al. Kinmen is flourishing style known, according to county and the genealogy records, the song, Ming and Qing three generations of a total of more than 50 successful candidates. Among them, most of the other native born, some are at the end of the Ming Dynasty after the relocation of the Kinmen ethnic groups, they uphold the "Kinmen people always did not forget, don’t forget the ancestor" tradition, achieved fame after the return to the ancestral home of Jin plaque into the spectrum of Kinmen, let relatives share glorify and illuminate the ancestors, ancestral glory. The imperial era of Jinshi, confirms the "Kinmen Island expensive" image. In order to let everyone know more about our Kinmen deeds, Kinmen County Cultural Bureau of Beijing City fellowship and Taiwan compatriots will jointly plan the "Kinmen Jinshi ancient cultural relics exhibition, exhibition history Jinshi list (the size of Jin Bang), the title stele rubbings, paper and other cultural relics. Kinmen County Culture Secretary Lv Kun said that the ancient Kinmen is always a shortage of resources, poor life, our ancestors can talent shows itself difficult in this environment, the inevitable need to redouble our efforts. I hope this exhibition can make my life more than to share the glory of the sun, our ancestors hard work spirit self expectations, encourage each other, to the island create a better future. Beijing City, vice president of Taiwan compatriots Zheng Da said: "in 2013 to 2014 years, we successfully combined university and other units jointly launched the" project in Taiwan "of the imperial examination system, successively in Tainan, Kaohsiung held a special exhibition and conference held after the discussion and examination, and achieved good social repercussions. On this basis, we cooperate with the Kinmen Cultural Bureau, jointly organized the "Kinmen ancient scholars cultural relics exhibition, hoping to attract interest in all walks of life on both sides of the traditional culture and care, promote cross-strait cultural exchanges and cooperation, deepen the two people in the history of cultural understanding and blending." At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Zheng on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Federation of Taiwan compatriots to the Kinmen County Bureau of culture as "seventeen years of Ming Dynasty Jinshi Title A stele rubbings. Kinmen County Cultural Bureau Lv Kun and on behalf of the Kinmen County Government to the Beijing Municipal Federation of Taiwan compatriots, Beijing Confucian Temple and the imperial Museum unit certificate of appreciation. It is understood that the exhibition will continue until October 30th, the local people to the Zhu Xi temple in the exhibition. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: