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Cruising-Sailing Sailing is a fun hobby and a recreational pursuit that can last a lifetime. It can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age and ability and is something that either gender can take up. It truly is one of those leisure activities that are open to everyone. When you learn to sail it gives you a sense of personal achievement and fulfillment and also opens up a whole new area in your social life that can lead to lifelong friendships. There are many different options to learning sailing such as small dinghy sailing on inland lakes and reservoirs to ocean sailing in multi million pound yachts and modern three-masted tall ships. There literally is a whole world of sailing to experience and in this particular article we are going to be focused on Texas sailing, particularly in the bay and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Bay Area is a charming bayside region nestled midway between the big-city allure of Houston and the wide-open beaches of Galveston. Encompassing seven distinct cities, the region touches more than 35 miles of waterfront. It holds the most advantageous sailing around and consists of East Bay, Trinity Bay and Redfish Reef just to name a few. This is where many people learn to sail and learn the ropes under the watchful eye of a sailing instructor on a small yacht based at a local marina on the bay. When picking a sailing school it is a good idea to spend some time searching online for a school near you and then plan a visit to have a look around. Meet the sailing instructor, familiarize yourself with the different types of sailing courses and certifications that they offer. Does the description on the website match what you see during your visit to the sailing school? Are the boats or yachts well kept and clean? Do they offer mentor sessions or free charters for students? Is the staff friendly, professional and eager to show you around? Having a good relationship with your sailing instructor is the key so its very important to get to know who they are and vice versa so that both parties feel comfortable. It is easier if you do know someone already that sails who can give you the benefit of their advice and could even refer you to a good sailing school but thats not always an option for everyone. If youre new to sailing you are going to want to research and rely upon your own judgment when it comes down to picking the best sailing school. Another thing you would want to know when picking a Texas sailing school is if they are an American Sailing Association Certified School (ASA). The American Sailing Association is an association of sailing schools, professional sailing instructors, sailors and charter companies. There are over 180 affiliated sailing schools located throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean, offering the ASA certification programs to individuals who meet the minimum requirements. The American Sailing Association was established with the goal of increasing sailing safety by establishing standards for sailing education. It is because of this reason that the sailing school that you choose for your lessons is certified with ASA. The instructors that get certified with the ASA undergo rigorous requirements including intensive clinics in which they measure their knowledge of sailing, seamanship, practical sailing ability and teaching ability. The ASA Instructor Training Program is extremely demanding because of the importance ASA places on the professional instructor. This intensive quality control is designed to ensure that a student can be confident that they will receive high quality instruction at any ASA school. So if you would like to spend your time on the soothing waves of the seas or lakes gently rocking the day to day worries from your mind then sailing particularly on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and the bay in Texas is your best bet. Remember, to check and make sure you have picked a reputable sailing school. If its your first time sailing you may fall in love with it before you know it and you will be sailing through life with the company of your friends and family. About the Author: This article was prepared on behalf of All Points of Sail, Sailing School at Lakeside. For lessons on sailing visit (.www.lakesidesailing.com). All Points of Sail, Sailing School at Lakeside is located at 2517 Nasa Parkway Ste 7, in Seabrook. Stop by and speak with Master Captain John Coggin today and sail away with him! Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Cruising-Sailing 相关的主题文章: