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LETV shares a raised cattle Sanfu loss of 400 million original title: LETV industrial layout stock raised cattle Sanfu loss of 400 million a newspaper reporter He Xiaoqing Guangzhou reported to the November 3rd closing price calculation, according to Zhang Jianping, CAITONG fund, Harvest Fund and post fund stake has Fukui 467 million 96 thousand and 200 yuan. LETV (300104.SZ) leading financial LETV officially unveiled failed to restore the stock price decline. In November 3rd, the gem index meteoric rise, but as a heavyweight LETV following the previous day’s stock price fell 7.49%, the day is still contrarian fell, intraday stock was dip to 39.39 yuan. At the end, the company’s share price closed at 40.63 yuan, down 0.93%, compared with the recent round of fixed price increase than has been a substantial break. Previously, LETV since June 3rd after the resumption of trading hit the highest price of 60.98 yuan a year, the company’s share price will continue to fall. According to the closing price of the day, the company’s two market share price has hit a new low for more than a year. Only in November 2nd and 3, just a short period of two trading days, the company’s total market capitalization has shrunk dramatically to $7 billion 326 million to $80 billion 447 million. In fact, due to the continuous expansion of the business boundaries, LETV thirst for funds is also growing. In the year 2015 will increase the shares before the listing, the company has launched a new round of the 2016 increase, intends to issue shares and to pay a combination of cash to buy 100% stake LETV pictures. At the same time not more than 5 qualified investors to issue shares to raise matching funds of $5 billion, set by the price of $41.37 shares. However, according to the November 3rd closing price, the additional price has broken. The public offering, cattle Sanding increased with the decreasing of Qi quilt LETV price, had given the increasing participation of institutions have been fitted. In August this year, the company increased by 2015 shares listed on the issue price of $45.01 shares. As of that day, the company stock price is set by the price already broke nearly 10%, has given the increasing participation of CAITONG fund, Harvest Fund and the post fund, three public fund and Jianping cattle Sanzhang neat quilt. The announcement disclosed in the 4 subscription object, CAITONG fund invested 1 billion 760 million yuan to subscribe for 39 million 102 thousand and 400 shares; Zhang Jianping also spent 1 billion 120 million yuan to subscribe for 24 million 883 thousand and 300 shares. In addition, the post fund and harvest fund invested 960 million yuan to subscribe for 21 million 328 thousand and 500 shares. The above holdings for a period of one year, lifting the date of August 8, 2017. According to the closing price of November 3rd, the above 4 holdings of shares held by the object has been a loss of $467 million 96 thousand and 200. Previously, the company’s three quarterly report, the reporting period, the fund as a whole to reduce the LETV, the end of the cumulative holdings from the first half of this year, the reduction of 92 million 151 thousand and 300 shares to $83 million 871 thousand and 200. As of the end of the day, according to the end of the three quarter, the calculation of the stock, since the three quarter, LETV shares have fallen, the fund holdings also float more than $300 million, up to $303 million 613 thousand and 700. From the institutional position,相关的主题文章: