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Li Xiaopeng chaired the Department of the Ministry of transport will promote the transformation and upgrading of transport – Beijing in September 8th, the Ministry of transport minister Li Xiaopeng chaired a ministerial meeting to convey the spirit of 147th executive meeting of the State Council, approved in principle of "several opinions on promoting the development of multimodal transport" (draft). The meeting pointed out that accelerating the development of multimodal transport is an important content of carrying out five development ideas, promote the supply side structural reform and promote the development of comprehensive transportation, is an important way to play the comparative advantage and the combination of different modes of transport efficiency, promote the transformation and upgrading of the transportation industry, an important measure is to promote resource intensive use and realize energy conservation and emission reduction of transportation. The meeting stressed that the development of multimodal transport is a complex system engineering. We should learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries, grasp the law of development of multimodal transport, and play a positive role in the government sector and the decisive role of the market. First, adhere to the problem oriented, efforts to eliminate infrastructure, institutional mechanisms, market environment, operating rules and other aspects of adaptation. Two is to deal with the relationship between the government and the market, the government plays a role in strategic co-ordination, planning guidance, standards, and other aspects of convergence, to create a fair competitive environment, reduce the cost of institutional transactions. Three is to adhere to the joint force, strengthen communication and coordination, pay attention to co-ordination and coordination of the implementation of the policy, to play the role of government, enterprises and society. Four is the implementation of key breakthrough, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of multimodal transport development, to encourage qualified enterprises and pilot, the formation of replicated experience in a timely manner. Five is to increase policy support, improve the laws and regulations, strengthen scientific and technological research, and vigorously promote the healthy and orderly development of multimodal transport. The meeting heard a briefing on the G20 summit in Hangzhou transportation security work, examined and approved in principle the "investment plan adjustment proposal in 2016 to subordinate units of infrastructure projects" (Draft) ", the Ministry of transport industry informatization construction project investment subsidies Interim Measures" (draft). The meeting also studied other matters. In Beijing, the leadership of the Ministry, ministry chief attended the meeting. The Ministry of the relevant departments responsible comrades attended the meeting.相关的主题文章: