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Lin Dan derailed actress: Zhao Yaqi made a circle of friends: Thank you for the Sohu Zhao Yaqi entertainment circle of friends shot Zhao Yaqi (information) Sohu is entertainment news 17 afternoon, Lin Dan in micro-blog issued a document: "as a man, I don’t do more for their excuse, but I do hurt my family. Here after I asked my family to apologize sorry" to the derailment events heroine Zhao Yaqi in personal circle of friends issued a response: "thank you for your concern". Zhao Yaqi sun circle of friends to watch Lin Dan Zhao Yaqi Zhao Yaqi sun self Match Photos wearing a work permit to watch the game     in October 11th, the woman Zhao Yaqi had in the circle of friends had appeared in Lin Dan playing field self timer, and issued a document: refueling oh……     Zhao Yaqi had previously been linked with Gao Hu, according to people familiar with the exposed material, Gao Hu and Zhao Yaqi worked together for five years. Zhao Yaqi was born in Liaoning Province, graduated from the Department of law, Zhongshan University, Central Academy of Drama, Chinese mainland actress, model. In 2005 thirty-fourth the Miss intercontinental competition and won the second runner up of miss China. Had participated in the film "lily", "man made", as well as the TV series "not do not want to marry," "knife team" and so on.   相关的主题文章: