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LinkedIn with big data tell you, your salary is in line with the market Sohu LinkedIn technology to help all occupation development tools, the latest function may have a disruptive influence: Recently, LinkedIn launched a new tool called LinkedIn Salary, designed to help users understand their salary. When you enter the city and the name of the job, this tool will tell you that you choose the city has a median salary of the person in the position. In addition to the basic salary, but also tell you their bonuses, stock options and other information. LinkedIn is increasingly focused on data-driven services, they want to allow users to learn more about payroll data, so that users can better understand the impact of different factors on specific areas of wages. For example, it will tell you how different companies pay for different roles, as well as the impact of the size and level of education on income. LinkedIn is not the first company to try to make pay information more transparent, Glassdor also has a similar product to help people understand whether they get a fair salary. However, LinkedIn said that they are more focused on helping users maximize their potential, rather than simply evaluate the fairness or salary is not competitive. LinkedIn hopes to help professionals around the world to make better career decisions and optimize their revenue potential. They also said that the future will be expected to combine the salary information to a larger portion of the network (LinkedIn’s advanced users will also be able to see the details of the salary). LinkedIn Salary is suitable for all users of the site, but not pay subscription users, the first to enter their wages, in order to have access to all the information right, while senior users can not disclose their information to all content view. Learn about the salary of a similar position in your city. If your boss gives you too little salary, you can use the data to talk about your boss!相关的主题文章: