Luoyang model of urban infrastructure and cultural relics Archaeology

City basic construction and cultural relics of the Luoyang model China Economic Net Luoyang on November 10th news (reporter Cheng Qi) "Luoyang is an ancient city, her relics like pearls scattered on the ground, we put these pearls together with the" site protection exhibition ", we want to see what you can see what it is how good things." November 8th, follow the State Cultural Relics Bureau in Luoyang field research, Luoyang Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology Dean Shi Jiazhen excitedly told China Economic Net cultural industry channel reporter said. Innovation mode to protect the site show offshore area Kou Dian Zhen Xi Zhu Cun An Shan Luoyang city was originally a wild zoo, July 19, 2015 found tombs in Xi Zhu Village Qianfen process, after the approval of the State Bureau of cultural relics, the tombs of rescue excavations. At the same time on the tombs surrounding a large-scale archaeological survey and exploration, as of now, the drilling area of 100 square meters, tomb excavation work is nearing completion, preliminary determination of anastomosis and historical records of Wei tomb. Chinese economic network reporter on the scene saw the burial site has closed enclosure, installation of monitoring facilities, and build a shelter in the upper part, and the wall reinforcement, the Archaeological Institute has also sent a guard. In accordance with the previous process, the area will be protected from visitors. Now Luoyang is trying a new model, "we can build an exhibition hall in the tomb, so that the public can see the tombs, and to build a" experimental archaeology factory ", researchers can conduct archaeological experiments on the inside, also be planning some public participation in the project, and let the public archaeology zero distance contact." Shi Jiazhen revealed. City development cannot do without the basic construction, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties in Luoyang, everywhere is the underground cultural relics, cultural relics is the valuable historical and cultural heritage, non renewable resources, has a unique and authentic, once destroyed can not be copied. How to make Archaeology and cultural relics City basic construction integration has become a common problem facing. The reporter found in Luoyang six China Economic Net Luoyang city in Sui and Tang Dynasties palace east wall ruins Cheng Qi taken according to the regulations on the protection of cultural relics, "of large-scale construction projects, the construction unit shall be submitted to the provincial people’s government administrative departments of cultural relics organizations engaged in archaeological excavation units of archaeological investigation, exploration in the project within the scope of cultural relics buried where possible." Luoyang six was built in 1904, is a hundred years old school. For the teaching of dangerous transformation found Luoyang city in Sui and Tang Dynasties palace east wall (East West wall) as part of the renovation work stoppage, some school anxiety, in accordance with past practice, the site will be protected at the same time, around 100 meters cannot carry out construction. The Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology found the school leadership, talked about the site protection exhibition, exhibition hall built on the site at the same time, Institute of cultural relics and archaeology to help schools do exhibition, provide technical support and part of the cultural relics, so that students will be able to feel the scene of city culture. This program to dispel the concerns of the school, but also won the support of the school leadership and education committee. After the completion of the students are free access to the exhibition hall, the public can also pass"相关的主题文章: