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Hardware Be careful of food and drink around your .puter. You hear this tens of thousand times. However, you accidentally knocked fruit drink or a late night glass of milk on your laptop or your child spilled a good portion of milk directly into your keyboard. You hear a popping noise, the screen goes black. Water by itself is not as bad as milk or juice, both of which are corrosive, or coffee, tea, soda, etc. As this Toshiba M35-S320 Laptop Keyboard Laptop Keyboard, its full of oil spots. This is not serious. When you encountered this emergency, calm down and unplug the .puter from its power source. Disconnect it from the power cord and remove the battery. Do not attempt to turn on the .puter for at least 72 hours. Let it sit in a cool, dry place. Then, suspend the laptop upside down over a sink and see what liquid you can get to dribble out. Please carefully look beneath it to see if any juice got deeper into your laptop. If its just on the keyboard, you can gently try to pop a key off. Many times, the keyboard area is further protected underneath with a rubber or plastic membrane. Clean up what you can. If they .e off fairly easily, take a picture of the keyboard before you remove any more, so you know how to put them all back on. You can also lay them out on a surface, in order, as you take them off. Once you have access beneath the keys, clean all the juice out of the keyboard with damp cloths and/or cotton swabs. Also clean the keys as best you can. If you have the picture of the layout, you can just throw them in a colander and rinse them off with warm water in the sink for a bit. You may need to take the keyboard apart further to get all the juice out of the various layers. Once you get it all cleaned up, make sure it is .pletely 100% dry before you start putting it back together. This may take 12 hours or more. Is your .puter still covered by a warranty? Does your warranty cover accidental damage? As this Toshiba M35-S320 Laptop Keyboard, its still under the warranty. Then that save my friend some cost. Follow the steps above and you can keep your lost to the minimum. 110 AC Adapter 相关的主题文章: