Man drunk driving traffic police forced red card injured 3 people escape jingfangxingju (Figure)-kaya scodelario

Man drunk driving traffic police forced red card injured 3 people escape jingfangxingju (map) original title: Hunan Changsha forced red card hit and run driver has Xingju police arrested as police arrested the suspect Yang Kunlin scene police seized a black SUV driving the Beijing September 15th – according to the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog news, 15 on the morning of the "9.12" case of obstruction of official crime suspect Yang Kun Lin (formerly known as "Yang Can", male, 33 years old, Changsha Wangcheng District) is a district in the Yuelu District police task force arrested. In September 12th, Changsha traffic police departments to carry out traffic regulation in Yuelu District Tongzi Road, a driver refused to accept the traffic police checks, driving and forced to escape, causing 3 people were injured, 10 vehicles damaged. After the incident, Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to set up by the traffic police detachment for the task force with the main force, the local public security organs, Public Security Bureau, deputy mayor, city Changsha, Tang Xiangyang personally supervise the whole war police all-out detection work. After the nearly three days of careful investigation, the 15 day at 6:20 in the morning, the police task force in Yuelu District Guangsha Xinyuan District arrested the suspect Yang Kunlin. The police investigation, 12, 13 PM, the suspect Yang Kunlin Xiang A27K07 car driving through Tongzi Road West near the slope under the viaduct, in this case to carry out drunk driving traffic police detachment SWAT brigade police car inspection and rectification, Yang for not obtaining a driving license, driving the vehicle annual inspection overdue, and had been drinking before driving therefore, refused to cooperate with the inspection, and lock the door and window. Then, yang to evade law enforcement, suddenly start the vehicle forced checkpoints to escape. In the course of the escape, but also with the surrounding vehicles collided, resulting in 1 traffic police on duty, 2 people were injured, the police car, 9 social vehicles damaged to varying degrees. Currently, the suspect Yang Kunlin has been under criminal detention by the public security organs according to law, the case is under further review. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: