Man forced to stop smoking high-speed rail will be temporarily restricted to buy train tickets – Soh-remonstrate

The man forced to stop smoking high iron will be temporarily limiting the purchase of EMU ticket – Sohu news according to the "Anhui daily" reported on October 31st, recently, Hubei Wuhan a sixty man alone to Anhui Hefei tourism, did not want people not to, but because of smoking, which will take the high iron "forced to stop" two minutes. 30, the reporter learned from the Hefei railway police, the old man has been given the relevant legal punishment by the police. According to the latest regulations, due to smoking on the EMU due to public security organs punished by the passengers, will be temporarily restricted to buy EMU tickets. Data figure is understood that the brigade Hakka living in Wuhan on the afternoon of 29 sat on the high-speed rail from Wuhan to Hefei. High iron is arrived in Hefei south station, passengers came to Restroom, secretly lit a cigarette, but just not two, will lead to a smoke alarm in Restroom. The driver saw the alarm, immediately on the train slowed down and inform the staff to conduct inspections. Soon the staff found the smoking passengers, and handed over to the police, eliminate security risks, it was able to move on high-speed rail. At the police station, passengers for their smoking in the high iron thing confessed, the police also carried out serious criticism and education on it, and according to the relevant laws and regulations on the punishment. At the same time, the police also said that according to the latest regulations, on the EMU due to smoking by the public security organs punishment of passengers, will be temporarily restricted to buy EMU tickets. (reporter Liu Liping, Li Meng reports)相关的主题文章: