Man introduced by friends cheated nearly 100 thousand friends surprised just kind christie stevens

By the friends of the business man cheated nearly 100 thousand friends surprised: just – in – kind of new network reporter Naikai Yu correspondent Li Xinran recently, Linyi 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu cheated and sudden death occupy network headlines. In fact, the occurrence of this incident is not just a fraud, it is about the integrity behind the two words. Recently, the reporter interviewed the three things are related and honesty. Some helpless, some people moved. For the integrity of the citizens of the second "ID card", if these things make you encounter how to choose? Some people have been cheated cheated nearly 100 thousand yuan a friend introduced a business, thought that can earn a pen, but did not expect to be approached close to $100 thousand project. Recently, Mr. Zhao was engaged in the construction industry to "integrity", others worry about the bad. 49 year old Mr. Zhao has its own construction team, the industry’s business dealings often rely on friends and acquaintances. Therefore, the trust between people is particularly important in this industry. In August 24th, a friend of Mr. Zhao said he was going to introduce him to a business. An acquaintance of a friend Wang (a pseudonym) met a young director of Shijiazhuang fire command center, the young director is responsible for a recent road renovation, renovation needs find a business ability of competent construction team of cement pavement. Mr. Zhao got a phone call from a friend, and immediately get in touch with. Wang introduced, Mr. Zhao has been linked to a friend in the mouth of yang. "Director Yang said, this section of the road in accordance with the 105 yuan per square meter price to me, although the price is not high, but the whole project dry down, I can earn some money, after discussion, director Yang let us second days to sign the contract." Mr. Zhao recalled, that evening, Mr. Zhao again received the director Yang’s phone, the other said now the fire center needs a number of stainless steel bed, they have been linked to a firm in Shandong, the above provisions can only from the Shijiazhuang local purchase, so that Mr. Zhao for help, let him buy Stainless steel bed from Shandong manufacturers. Then to check the fire center, it is a start, in accordance with the provisions. For a friend’s trust and gratitude, director Yang helped himself so far, Mr. Zhao and Shandong manufacturer, on August 25th at 10:45 PM, 96000 yuan will be transferred to the manufacturers. 25, 14 am, Mr. Zhao came to Shijiazhuang fire command center, the staff here said that there is no director Yang, recently there is no need to buy a large number of stainless steel bed plan. Hear here, Mr. Zhao tried to contact him to introduce business Wang, the results of the other phone has been shut down. At the same time, Yang director and Shandong manufacturers of mobile phones are also in a shutdown state, unable to contact. At this point, Mr. Zhao realized that he was cheated. Mr. Zhao to call his friend, the other was very surprised, said he was just good for Mr. Zhao introduced the business, it is not clear that these people are liars. At this time, Mr. Zhao call the alarm call, the police have been involved in the investigation. Recall the matter, Mr. Zhao remorse remorse. Blame themselves, can not make money to hear that?相关的主题文章: