Manglam Fixed Deposit Scheme An Opportunity That Guarantees High

Investing Your hard earned money requires protection and deserves multiplication. After all it takes a lot of effort and years to accumulate a handful of wealth. If not invested, soon the inflation will surpass that amount and you would end up where you were at the time when you started accumulating the money. This is how the world economics go and grow. Big investors can directly invest in stock markets or in companies as they can withstand the load of loss but small investors are subject to perish in such demanding environment. Small investors require security of their money and for them fixed deposits have been a safest option since decades. With Manglam, the experience of investing in Fixed Deposits is further heightened with fabulous investment returns. Manglam Group brings to you a unique investment opportunity with its smart fixed deposit scheme that not only assures you of safe deposit but also gives you the maximum return on your investment. Unlike other Fixed Deposit schemes in banks, Manglam is offering its investors with a good return of up to 13.24 % on minimum deposit of INR 10,000 for one year. The minimum deposit as earlier mentioned would be INR 10,000 in the Non Cumulative Deposit which can be increased in the multiples of INR 1,000. As per the scheme of non cumulative deposits, interest would be payable at the end of each month or quarter. Every month the interest payment date would be 25th and the four quarters of the year would be March, June, September and December. However, for the Cumulative Deposit scheme the minimum amount accepted for deposit is INR 5,000 which can again be increased in the multiples of INR 1,000. The same one year is the tenure for both the schemes i.e. Non Cumulative Deposit and Cumulative Deposit schemes. People can invest in both the schemes as per their preference and earn more than 40 50% from many Nationalised Bank. For the convenience of public, the interest payment modes are increased to three ways. First is the Post Dated Interest Warrants Sent Direct to Depositors, second type is Direct to the Depositor with Bank Details and the last one is through Demand Draft. Interested investors can contact the registered office of the Manglam Group, Official Brokers and Agencies or through the website of the company. A copy of either Passport, PAN card, Voters Identity Card, Driving License or Bank Passport with Photo is required for identification and proof of address along with other required documents. Manglam Group has been continuously moving up the ladder of success and now wants to take people along with it. The group has displayed some of the astonishing construction work in their build-ups in the Jaipur city and across the Rajasthan State. The developmental work done by the company has been able to mark their presence among the top builders of not only the state but also of the country. The real estate firm constructed some of the finest works in the history of Rajasthan and have not kept their plan limited to apartment culture but have extended it to lavish villas and bungalows. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: