Many departments regulate the development of P2P net loan loan collection standard campus violence diqua

Many departments regulate the development of P2P net loan: loan collection standard campus violence news: in recent years, many P2P net loan institutions take this group of college students, have launched a campus loan, but there is a violent collection of such phenomena, in this regard, the CBRC said, will focus on standardizing campus credit, collection and other acts of violence. CBRC Inclusive Finance Department Director Li Junfeng said, belongs to the false propaganda, is usury, violent collection and so on behavior to resolutely implement the rectification. To continue to retain the strict conditions, especially the conditions of the lender. Some students do not have the ability to repay, so if you want to continue to do the school loan network, for college borrowers, must have a guardian as a guarantee, the implementation of dual identity authentication. It is necessary to identify the identity of college students, but also the guardian’s identity authentication. The application of campus loan requires students Guardian certification, the main purpose is to ensure that students borrowing needs for normal consumption, learning, part of the reason for college students to avoid mutual competition, by borrowing high consumption, not only increase the burden on their own, the family will increase the unnecessary expenses. Li Junfeng said that if the campus net loan if not standardized, it will mislead the college students consumption habits. Now the financial needs of college students, through formal channels, including student loans, as well as many of the country’s policy, students’ learning and living needs of the funds can be met.相关的主题文章: